Post-80s Spring Skin Care Experts Teach You 4 Tips

[Introduction]Spring skin care, post-80s girls’ skin care focuses on moisturizing, sun protection and other daily maintenance work. For post-80s MMs with severe skin problems, you need to learn deep skin care methods so that you will not lose to post-90s.Oh, let ‘s learn how to care for skin with Xiaobian.

  Spring skin care 1.

Dark circles choose to add some eye care products that promote blood circulation, such as vitamin E, arnica, citrus polyphenols, bis and tetrapeptides, etc. to improve dark circles, usually do more eye pressure, or use warmApply the way to improve.

  Spring skin care 2.

At this time, the texture of the face will gradually increase, especially the facial expression lines produced by squeezing the face are not easy to recover. You should start using some anti-wrinkle care products that have good effects on collagen proliferation or soothing expression lines. For example, it contains WushengIngredients such as peptides, vitamin A, fruit acid, and hexapeptide are all maintenance items that should be invested at this time.

  Spring skin care 3.

The problem of two large pores that girls face after 80 pores is that the pores become larger horizontally due to loose skin. This is a phenomenon of loose and loose skin. The skin must be moisturized and firm to improve the pores.Products containing Vitamin A and L-C are most effective in improving pore problems caused by aging.

  Spring skin care 4.

After the spot 80, girls often have problems with spots and dryness. However, when the skin is dry and dry, the stratum corneum appears rough and scaly, exfoliated, and the sensitivity is increased. Whitening ingredients cannot penetrate the stratum corneum effectively.It is absorbed and used by the skin, no matter how whitening it is, there is no way to achieve the effect. Therefore, you must choose a whitening essence with good moisturizing and soothing effect, while increasing the meaning of the cuticle, while whitening, the ingredients are replaced by multivitamin C, chamomile extract,Tranexamic acid, etc .; maximize, can be used with topical blemish products. Whitening products that usually add keratin metabolism ingredients such as fruit acid have a faster and obvious shifting effect.