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[How to clean up small crabs before frying?
]_How to clean up_How to clean up

Most people like crabs very much. Crab production in China is very high. Sometimes domestic hairy crabs from Gaoyou Lake and Yangcheng Lake, as well as hairy crabs from Taihu Lake. These hairy crabs are very famous. In addition, in many watersYou can also find small crabs. These crabs are relatively small, but they still taste good. How do you clean up these small crabs?

How to clean up small crabs before frying?
Prepare a plastic basin and an old toothbrush, introduce the right amount of water and liquor, and pour the crabs into the basin.

Let the crabs soak in the water for 5-10 minutes and bathe fully.

Through the stimulation of wine, the graft in the body is discharged, and crabs can also be drunk with white wine.

Tips: The wine can not only remove the fishy smell of crabs, but also make the crabs lose their struggle, which is convenient for subsequent operations.

Of course, if there is no liquor at home, you can sizzle it with warm water at 45 degrees.

Use your thumb and forefinger to hold the two crab caps with your left hand and point the crab belly towards you at the same time, and use the toothbrush to brush the crab legs with the toothbrush to remove the sediment.

Tip: Be sure to hold the thumb and index finger of your left hand hard to avoid crabs struggling to escape.

After brushing the thighs, use the toothbrush crab cover and the two crab claws, especially the crab claws. Be sure to brush a few more times, because the crab claws are very hairy and are easy to hide dirt.

Then, the most difficult step.

Use the left thumb, forefinger and ring finger three fingers together, grab a pair of crab claws of the crab and tilt it, and right thumb and forefinger open the crab umbilicus to squeeze out the object.

Tips: If the three fingers of the left hand are to perform well, you must not be afraid of being caught by crab claws.

Once you grasp the crab claw, you must use force to prevent the crab from breaking free, otherwise you may be clamped.

Then, while the crab umbilicus does not fit the crab belly.

Use a toothbrush to quickly brush the sediment between the crab belly and the crab navel.

Finally, the washed crabs are put into a clean basin and rinsed with running water, then they can be cooked in a pot.

How is crab fried?

Ingredients Crab, eggs, cooking wine, ground ginger, pepper, cooking oil Method 1, prepare ingredients.

2. Wash the crab, open it, remove the bottom cover, remove the cover, remove the stomach, remove the gills, and cut in half.

3. Scoop the eggs into a large bowl, add starch and stir well.

4, put down the crab, add salt, cooking wine, ginger and stir well.

5, put 400 grams of oil in the pan, heat for 7 minutes, put down the crabs and fry over medium heat.

6, deep fry until the crab shell turns and remove.

7. Repeat frying all again and remove the oil control.

8. Load the dish and sprinkle some pepper.