“Especially boys children,After growing up,The things you care about are completely different。Jiao Yuan would paint nail polish with you when he was young,You let him choose now,Do you see if he is going”
Xie Yun made chicken soup in this life,tasty drink,Or,Only Ou Baobao thinks it tastes good,It’s in the belly of Ou Baobao。
Drink in others,It’s all something that sees blood in the throat
can only say,From the beginning,Xie Yunchu knew he couldn’t do anything with Ou Bao,then,Slowly developed into,He can stand completely from the perspective of Ou Bao,To help her think about the problem。Or,Think about her,Replace,Those things she doesn’t need to know,Only give her what she can accept,Can better perfect the content of her life。
This skill,Lian Ou Zhaozhao and others,Look forward to it。
This is also the most important reason why the Ou family has not been able to isolate Ou Baobao and Xie Yunchu。
Xie Yunchu seems to be spontaneous,Self-taught,Growing up at the gate of Ou Baobao’s thinking,Becomes a filter,Indispensable level。
Unplug it,When Oujia’s manpower falls short,Will let bad things flow into Ou Baobao’s thinking。
Xie Yunchu actually started,Didn’t want to do this,He just wants to be able to get along with Baby Ou freely,And then when I can’t get along,Just separate naturally。but,He gradually became unable to extricate himself。Follow,I realized that the Ou family wanted to completely kick him out of Ou Baobao’s life。Under these two effects,Xie Yunchu developed into what it is today。
As for the future,What will it be like,Thirteen-year-old Xie Yunchu doesn’t know yet。He also thought about,I also had the idea of choosing and giving up,but,The future has not come yet,Isn’t it
and so
Xie Yunchu lowered his head,Rubbing the tea cup in your hand,This is Oujia put here,Tea set for their own family。
This just belongs to him。Originally not。
It’s the treasure from abroad,Brought him,Exclusive to him,Tea cup here。