“Got a triple pair,Beautiful in my heart.”
Xu Xuan hummed Taylor’s new song,Rub the shower gel on myself。
Little Tim·Hardaway looked at Xu Xuan enviously:“Xu,Your capital is really strong!”
“Uh,Are you talking about the game or where?”
“Have both.”
“This is born,It’s useless if you envy。”
Xu Xuan glanced at him serenely,After washing, I put on clothes and went straight back to the hotel。
I didn’t sit down yet when I arrived at the hotel,I got the agent Carson·Andre’s phone。
“good evening,Carson,What are you looking for?Are you here to congratulate me on my triple-double??”
Xu Xuan’s voice sounds terrible。
“listen,Xu,I’m glad you got the triple pair,but.”
Xu Xuan listened to Carson on the other end of the phone, a little twisted,Asked strangely:“what happened,Carson。”