“It should have been injured while fighting other spirit beasts。”Zao Wou-ki doesn’t care。
“However, this phoenix-tailed cockscomb snake is not very easy to catch as a bird soul beast.。”
“I’ll catch it。”Zhao Ming smiled,This bird soul beast,He couldn’t be better。
Finished,Zhao Ming spread his wings,
Quickly came to the side of the cockscomb snake,Black Flame Surge,Covered in Zhao Ming’s palm,Zhao Ming quickly caught the phoenix-tailed cockscomb snake in his hands。
“呲。”The high temperature burns on the body of the Phoenix-tailed cockscomb snake,White smoke in the air,A burnt smell quickly appeared。
Caught by Zhao Ming,Wind-tailed cockscomb struggling frantically,But it’s always hard to escape Zhao Ming’s palm。Suddenly,Snake head crooked,He suddenly opened his mouth and spit out a mouthful of colorful mist towards Zhao Ming。
But the mist was quickly burned by the black flame before it even touched Zhao Ming.。
Catch Anchovy Cockscomb Snake,Zhao Ming threw it to the ground from high in the sky。
then,Quickly stepped heavily on the head of the cockscomb snake。
Thrown down by Zhao Ming,Phoenix-tailed Cockscomb Snake smashed,Stepped on by Zhao Ming, I can’t break free anymore。
“Oo,come on。This spirit ring is yours。”Done all this,Zhao Mingfeng gently rubbed his hands,Seems to care nothing about defeating a thousand-year soul beast。
Although it’s not the first time I have seen Zhao Ming show his power,But for students like Oscars,Every time I look,Is a shock。
This shock slowly evolved into worship。Kaiyin
at this time,Oscar looked at Zhao Ming admiringly,“Ming Ge,You are too good。A thousand-year soul beast is like a toy in your hand。”