[How to make home-made tofu prawn soup]_Home-made method of home-made tofu prawn soup

Eating is very important for one person, because it directly determines our health.

If you’re careful enough, you’ll find that people who eat out often have problems.

To avoid this from happening to you, you better eat at home.

Of course, if you are having difficulty in cooking, it is better to follow Xiaobian to learn how to make home-made tofu prawn soup.


Cut the tofu, add water to the soup pot and boil, remove the tofu.


Add hot water, boiled water, a few pieces of cooked chicken, 3 slices of ginger, and boil.


If you can taste spicy, put another spoonful of your own chopped pepper sauce.


Put the cleaned prawns, turn the pan to low heat and cook until the shrimps are cooked through, add salt, and season the green onions.

Home-made tofu prawn soup may seem complicated, but if you actually make it, you will find it easy.

The key is that you must master the specific steps before you do it.