Cheats for the first and second floors,Are placed according to these six categories,Only the third floor has a big bookshelf in total,More than a hundred cheats are scattered on it。
At this moment, the third floor includes Wang Hong,There are only four people in total。
An old man sitting at the door reading,Glanced at Wang Hong’s token,Waved his hand and let him in。
The other two are also students,Standing in front of the bookshelf at the moment,Think carefully about the introduction next to the cheat sheet,Weigh the pros and cons to choose which exercise。
To prevent being stolen,All cheats are packed in a box。
But there is a detailed introduction next to it,Let you know the characteristics of this exercise,And what type of warrior is suitable。
Different from the bookshelves on the first and second floors,The only bookshelf on the third floor,The whole is in a transparent barrier。
Which cheat book the student wants to buy,I have to ask the old man sitting at the door,Take it out by secret method。
The two students in front of the bookshelf are a man and a woman,Hear Wang Hong’s footsteps,Raised their heads one after another。
The man nodded to Wang Hong,Didn’t say a word,Then I looked for my favorite cheats。
The woman smiled slightly,Pointed to the wall“keep quiet”Four characters,Then he turned his gaze back to the bookshelf。
Wang Hong was stunned,Don’t bother them,Quietly looking for the secrets you need。