《Gift in Room 7》Selling well in Tai Chi country,But benzene sells better in Japan!
We claim to have1Billion book fans!
Why are you all selected from Tai Chi?,Our Japanese movie kings have not moved yet?
Be positive!
But they didn’t feel anxious for long。
On the next day,Hardcore niche,Masato Naito, known as the steel man,I also posted a photo of myself and Zhu Mei。
“Thank you Director Zhu Mei for his appreciation,I am the adulterer Kang Wanbeom。”
Looking at Naito Masato’s smiley emoticon pack,Japanese people are silly。
What’s happening!?
A Japanese national treasure film actor famous for his serious themes、3Masato Naito,Why did you take over such a role?
Even a model prisoner、Fraud.Scammer、Intimidating criminals。
It’s just this and his own character、The role played in a different way?
Don’t understand!
But it doesn’t matter much,Masato Naito is one of our strongest players,Fight the Tai Chi duo in acting,Those actors who kicked Hua Guo,Not a problem at all!
After watching the movie,If they see the best acting and the most explosive is our Naito Masato,What kind of face?