Every time they come,Look at products that are much cheaper than elsewhere,Who doesn’t want to buy more and buy more?
It used to be those uncles and aunts who couldn’t move,So I can only buy less at once,So you can see them pushing the cart out to buy things every day。
But now they met another killer of Yongxing Supermarket,Then I can’t resist。
The second killer is Fangyuan3Within kilometers,Service to help carry home。
If you buy more,Then you can let the Yongxing Supermarket employees waiting at the door,Help bring you home。
Even if you buy less,As long as you can’t carry it,You can also ask them to help。
You said such a free service,In addition, the mouths of these employees are very sweet,How could it be possible for grandpas and aunts to worry about buying too much?
The opposite of,If they feel they are buying less,Have to trouble others,Really embarrassed,So I often sell more,So they can help。
If you really bought too much,Like rice or something,You don’t take it away after you buy it,Left address,Make an appointment,People from Yongxing Supermarket will bring you to your door。
Such good service,It’s impossible to go to the second supermarket to buy things if you basically enjoy it。
Even if there are a lot of people in Yongxing Supermarket,They will definitely buy it here。
Old man。
The most stubborn,Decided and got used to one thing,Usually does not change。
Otherwise, so many elderly people are harmed by pyramid schemes,Is there no reason?
Speaking of bag delivery service is good,I have to mention the third killer of Yongxing Supermarket.。
That is their eternal smile service。
No matter which employee,As long as they see customers,I usually say hello with a smile,Make customers feel very warm。