Two people claim“Yes”。
White like a snow,Follow up,Lin responded to the front。
Lin loud,The look of the nine yin is a little wretched.:
“Your teacher is going to ask the master.。”
“Humph!You are afraid that you can’t get it to your daughter.!”
“Of course, seeking。”
Two people do not speculate more,Immediately。
the other side,Lin Rong and Bai Ru Snow have come to the Yangtan of Lingnan’s land.。
Bai Ru Snow pointed to the small city in front of him:
“Li Chongyang,The court of the court has sealed this place where the murhe of the nice is to the land of Lingnan.,But where can he be calmed?。”
Lin ring frown,Staring at this flat small town。
Maybe it’s like snow to find anything.,But the forest is a clear,This city is one of the most vicious weapons in the world.。
The people living in the city,All the nutrients of this weapon。
Bai Ru Xue is going to go in the way,The arm was suddenly caught.。
Her body is stiff in the same place。
Heart beats vigorously。
A hundred years,Also have never been manned by men,today。
In fact, she is ready to prepare.,After all, there is no man who doesn’t have the beautiful mouth of her beauty.。
“do not move。”
Bai Ru Snow is too nervous,Resulting in a stiffness。
“In front of this city is wrong。”
She later heard the words of the forest,Stunned,Take this place with your eyes,Didn’t find anything wrong。
In addition to the Yangtan Temple is too bad.。
“Nothing, what is wrong.!”
White is like snow, do not dare to be determined,Because she knows her strength gap with the forest。
Lin linged to this hidden and good small town in front of him.:
“This is a murder。”
Lin rang to open the sky,Unrecognizable。
White is like a snow in the side,Because the following is the people,How many people have to die in this ax?。
Although the mortal is like a antite,But you can’t help you.。
Otherwise it is difficult to have a foothold。
The ax of the rumor is blocked in the moment that is about to fall.。
White like a snowy eyes。