Plasma collision with plasma pills is likely to be fatal

Plasma collisions Plasma pills are likely to be fatal, why?

The retina pill is a man’s iconic organ. Don’t collide too intensely, or it will be life-threatening.

There are many domestic and foreign football matches broadcast on TV. Many male audiences like to watch football very much. I do n’t know if you have noticed such a phenomenon. Whenever a penalty kick is taken directly or indirectly in front of the penalty area, the defender must have some players on the wallWhy do you always cover your hands with your hands in front of your lower body?

It turns out that collision oxidant pills are fatal. Why are collision-induced pills fatal?

It doesn’t hurt the brain, let’s see for yourself.

  It turns out that the entire vulva of a man, including the penis and the retinal pill, is a vital part, especially the retinal pill.

Due to the nerve distribution of the acetic acid pill and its thick and tough white membrane, its volume is strictly limited and cannot be easily deformed.

Therefore, the retina pill is a pair of delicate organs that cannot be touched and they are extremely sensitive to stress.

For example, you can pinch your own thigh muscles or your belly, which will not cause any pain or discomfort, but you need to squeeze the anesthetic pills with the same strength or less.Can’t stand it anymore.

Therefore, once a man’s perineum, including the penis, scrotum, and testicles, is hit hard by a football, it will be painful, painful, unbearable, and even dizzy, and the so-called neuroshock occurs.

In the past, too many novels have described the story of the retina pill being kicked to death.

  It stands to reason that the position of the retina pill is not easy to be hurt, but there are some situations that are easy to cause the retina pill to be directly hit, such as falling off a bicycle or falling on a hard object, just hitting the retina pill., People can not escape to avoid this blow from below.

Especially in the elderly, hands and feet are inconvenient, and it is easy to fall off the bicycle or fall into the roadside ditch, which will inevitably damage the plasma pills during the displacement process.

As the saying goes, precautions need to be taken beforehand, and the elderly must take special care to avoid the dangers mentioned above.

The retina pill is very delicate, and the scrotal skin of the elderly becomes very thin after atrophy, and the protection ability is even worse, especially the scrotal skin is poor in elasticity, and the degree of suspension of the retina pill is also increased, so special attention should be paid.

  After being hit, the retina pill will contract reflexively to close to the perineum. Therefore, once the blow is not too heavy, move it a little to make the contracted plasma pill quickly drop to its original position. Otherwise, due to external forceStimulated and elevated insulin pills have been in abnormal positions for a long time, insulin pills have been corrected to distort blood vessels, blood supply to capillary pills has been interrupted, and the size of the insulin pills has taken too long to cause necrosis of insulin pills.

If the pain eases quickly, there is usually no problem, but if you are stressed too much, the pain does not stop, or there is blood in your urine, you should immediately send it to the hospital’s urology department for examination and treatment.Serious complications can occur, and you can’t regret it then.

  Testis is the most important organ in the male body. It is the source of sperm and secretes androgens.

So male friends are consulting how to take care of kidney pills.

So how to perform retinal pill maintenance?

Cheng Ling Wan is in the scrotum below the penis, and its surface is smooth and in contact with the epididymis and vas deferens.

The transformational maturation of lactic acid pills grows rapidly, and the degenerative function of the retinal pills in the elderly declines and shrinks.

  The retinal pill has a hard fibrous membrane that inserts the retinal pill into many lobular lobes.

The leaflets of the antimony pill contain seminiferous tubules, whose epithelium can produce sperm.

There are interstitial cells that secrete male hormones in the connective tissue between the tubules. Once the male enters 12?
After 14-year-old puberty, mesenchymal cells can produce a large amount of testosterone. This androgen can promote the growth and development of male reproductive organs, promote the production of sperm by retinal pills, and induce and maintain male sexual desire.

Under the action of retinal ketones, the body’s abilities show manly characteristics, such as thickened skin, strong muscles, thick bones, beard growth, prominent laryngeal knots, and low tones.

  Thyroid pill is the main component of androgens, and its biological effects in the human body are extremely important, mainly in the following aspects: 1.

During birth, the level of retinal ketones reached a peak and fell to the lowest level before puberty.


In spring, retinal ketone levels increase.

The age at which thyroid ketone ketones rise in the blood is 12?
17 years old, at this time also marks that the male’s sexual function has basically matured, the ability to produce sperm and the eruption of sexual desire.


Sex at 20?
At the age of 30, the insulin ketone level reached a peak and showed a rhythmic change, that is, a change in transformation throughout the year and a rhythmic change in the day. Adult male testosterone levels were highest in autumn and lowest in spring.The gradual rhythm change is highest in the morning and lowest in the evening.


After the age of 40, the level of rare earth pill ketones began to slowly decline, which is related to the daily loss of the human body and the stress of life.
When androgen drops to a certain level, symptoms such as irritability, depression, fatigue, and loss of sexual desire will appear, which means that it enters menopause.

Testicles are important and often overlooked organs in the male reproductive system, so men have to cause testicular maintenance.

  How to maintain testicles, we recommend that you often touch the plasma, massage clockwise, counterclockwise for ten minutes each, long-term adherence will have discomfort.
If pain is found during massage, it may be retinal inflammatory disease or epididymitis, and you should go to the hospital for examination in time.

Get a doctor’s diagnosis and timely treatment, so the chance of cure is higher.

Remember: time is life.

In addition, patients with primary acute thyroiditis who are not treated by a doctor should consider the possibility of canceration.

The pill is rich in elasticity, thermal expansion and contraction. The inspection time is best after the hot water bath, because the scrotum is suspended.

  Every time I interview in an infertility or reproductive clinic, I see many young men seeking treatment.

The reasons are nothing more than the effects of heredity, disease, bad living habits, and medicine.

In fact, the growth of boys may cause damage to insulin pills for a variety of reasons. Too many people may cause infertility in adulthood.

This one, parents must be very vigilant.

  Hidden Gyro: After the birth, check the son in time. The family is ecstatic and thinks about the children’s food, clothing, and transportation, but they may forget to see if the child’s genitals are normal.

Experts say that some boys are born with insulin pills that are not in the scrotum, and this condition is called “recessive plasma” behind the groin or peritoneum in the abdominal cavity.

  The most dangerous cryptorchidism is behind the peritoneum of the abdominal cavity, where the location is deep and the temperature is high, which greatly affects the development of insulin pills.

If it has not been found, the rare earth pills will be difficult to grow up, and may be the size of a peanut meter when grown up.

Although sexual function is not affected, under long-term high temperature ‘baking’, Xiliang’s seminiferous epithelium is severely damaged, and the reproduction probability will be lost.

Recessive plasma is in the groin and there is a risk of trauma. Because the plasma pill is inactive, a child lying on the ground may crush the insulin pill, causing the insulin pill to rupture and bleeding, which will also affect fertility.

  Recommendation: Check the genitals in time after the boy is born.

After discovering cryptorchidism, you can first inject gonadotrophins to let the kidney pills fall naturally into the scrotum.

If not, it is best to have surgery before the age of 2 without spermatogenesis.

2-5 years old also have time for surgery, can save most of the spermatogenic function.

If you are over 5 years old and have bilateral recessive retinas, it is difficult to reproduce in adults.

  Symptom pill inflammation: It is important to prevent mumps and plasma pill inflammation are listed. Mumps must be a minor illness in the eyes of parents.

“Isn’t it just a common respiratory virus infection. Isolate it at home for a few days and wait for the swelling to disappear, and you will be a healthy child again.

“But you know what?

The virus that causes mumps is not only harmful to the parotid glands, but also the enemy of spermatogenic epithelium, which can cause sperm production.

Many children with mumps are accompanied by swollen retinal pills and inflammation. Once spermatogenic disorders occur, it is difficult to recover and reverse them.