But looking at these,at this time,Ye Xuan itself,Actually, it doesn’t feel much at all。
“All right,Actually I think,you all,Are all ready。”
“Now that everyone is ready,Then let’s,Actually, there is nothing to wait!”
When Ye Xuan subconsciously looked in front of him,Ye Xuan rushed out first。
And in front of Ye Xuan,Those Huang guards in front of you,Actually noticed the changes here。
“These ones,what exactly is it,Their speed,How could it be so fast?”
“I do not know,Then now,What should we do?”
“Actually other things,We don’t have anything to worry about for now,Ready to prepare,We can actually start。”
When the people around you are talking,It blocked Ye Xuan’s path。
As for Ye Xuan,When I saw these people in front of me,At this moment,Ye Xuan slowly raised his head and looked in front of him。
The more so,Actually speaking here,Ye Xuan itself,I don’t feel any problems at all。
In front of Ye Xuan,These Huang Family,I really suffered。
“My goodness,How did he do it?”