“No way,Must take a break,Driving for so long,I’ll come up to call you。”Talking,I poured another glass of water for my brother,Just go out。
Ding downstairs,See Lin Yan in the office,Ding Yi picked up the watermelon in his bag,Said:“You pour me water,I wash。”
Lin Yan said:“Save it for yourself,We’ll eat it for you in a few bites。”
Ding Yi smiled,“Just to finish,Left broken。”
They washed two,Lin Yan found two glass plates from the bookcase,This is what he got back from the last Spring Festival tea party。Ding Yi carefully cut into small pieces with a fruit knife,Put on the plate,Then cut another watermelon,Actually found that this watermelon is yellow flesh。Ding Yi matched the red and yellow watermelon on the plate,Said:“You go and bring a plate to the mayor,Let’s save a plate。”
Lin Yan’s eyes turned,Said:“Go ahead。”
Ding Yi remembered that bowl of instant noodles,Just say:“I dont go!”
Lin Yan also realized,Said:“Xiaoding,The noodles you cooked last night,He ate。”
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