suddenly,A voice rang beside them,Then again:“what,Who is that little white face?How dare to hook up my Huihui?”
A few people changed their faces。
The speaker is Lin Yao,Is the fitness maniac here,Not only the strongest one,And also very good at Sanda and boxing,On the boxing ring here,I don’t know how many people want to challenge him,I was beaten with a bruised nose and swollen face。
Zhuang Tao and others knew,This is still limited to rules。
Otherwise, Lin Yao’s iron whip legs can directly break people’s legs and feet,It’s possible to kill。
On weekdays, he doesn’t do anything bad,I like to hook up with the women here,My favorite is Gou Hui。
It’s a pity that Gou Hui has no interest in him with a rough man with well-developed limbs,Never showed him a good face。
But Lin Yao has been entangled,Even Gou Hui’s husband sometimes comes,Also did not converge。
For this reason, the owner of the gym also has a headache,It’s just that Lin Yao seems to have some background,It’s a regular customer here again,It’s hard for him to refuse Lin Yao here。
Gou Hui is adjustingxShen Huan,But Lin Yao saw,Really not a good thing。
“Lao Lin,you listen to me……”Zhuang Tao quickly blocked him。
In the end, he didn’t finish what he said,Lin Yao pushed him away,Stared at Shen Huan,“Hurrah,Where’s the idiot,Come here to hook up beauty.Female?Really ate the ambition of leopard!”
“Old Lin, don’t be impulsive!”Coach Zhou Wangnan also caught him at this time,“You see clearly,This is Teacher Lu Xiaofeng!It’s on China TV and the late Lu Xiaofeng!Is a great mathematician who has been promoted by Renmin Daily,How can you be rough?”
Lin Yao stopped,But immediately thrown off him,Showed a stern smile:“Ha ha,Why am i impulsive?Here we are a newcomer,Can I just say hello??”
Talking,He arrived in front of Shen Huan in two steps,I just heard a group of girls talking。
“Shen Huan,What else can you do?Not only are dumbbells so powerful,Even push-ups crush coach Kang?”
“Yes,How long have you practiced secretly?Wow,You sweat,So strong……”