obviously,at this point,In fact, it completely fell into their eyes。
Even when these people look,I feel more and more,Such a thing,In fact, they should have this need to speed up a bit.。
It’s just that these people are all staring at them,See these,Wang Teng was very calm。
“Nothing more,But you think,It’s really too absolute。”
“Since you have such thoughts,Then I can’t do nothing。”
Wang Teng finished,It’s a direct posture。
Now that I have decided to http://www.bjbc-sh.cn do this,So let’s not talk about anything else。
Still here,Solve these things as soon as possible。
Chapter 91 The http://www.suninhome.cn Ambush of the Guo Family
Look in front of you,These sudden people。
in fact,In Wang Teng’s heart,But don’t worry at all。
Rely on these people,Do you really think it is useful??
obviously,Wang Teng didn’t think so。
Watching Wang Teng like this,Guo Tianyi’s expression looks more hideous。
“Humph,Wang Teng,You really take yourself too seriously。”