“it is good!”Lu Haoji nodded indifferently,People worthy of trustworthiness!
Yang Langyi smiled,The eyebrows are full of confidence,Hanging with calmness,He doesn’t understand Lu Hao, what to know, let’s know Jiang Lan Xin,But this is a thing of the hand.,He can help。
Mu Ziqi said with a smile:“Hao Jun,We said while eating!Or after eating。”
Who knows that this madman heard the past,What http://www.natrual.cn happens??
Blue Xin, but his life.!
He fired,He has to hungry tonight.,For his five internal organs,First eat。
“it is good!”Lu Haojong nodded,Look into the heart,There is no excess。
Wind blowing in the window,Breeze,His rare,That black eye is vaguely shining after the hairpin,It’s inexplicable.。
NS262chapter:Jiang San Xin’s past

NS262chapter:Jiang San Xin’s past
Hear this good word,Mu Zijun is like hearing the sound of the sound。
He greeted Yang Liangyi,Say:“Luxuris,First of charge,Hao Cheng is also busy a day.,Also hungry。”
In fact, he is hungry.,He has to eat first。
Things involving Blue Xin,Hoheng hot temper,Will make people crazy。
“it is good!”Yang Langyi, smile,I can’t help but look at Lu Hao Cheng.,See his face is gloomy,The whole body exudes a cool breath。
This Lu Hao is really a person.,I am also handsome than the magazine cover.。
He has said that he has already fallen.:“Continental,first meet,I respect you a cup。”Finish,He serves a wine glass to Lu Haozheng。
Lu Hao nodded,Wake up,Along the wine glass,I touched him a cup.,Seeing red and drinking。
Put down the wine glass,His elegant eating,Still a word, don’t say。
Lu Hao Cheng,An invisible depression is formed in the air。
Yang Langyi is a bit cautious,Silently http://www.feiyuehx.cn eating,This is the authentic river city dish,Every dish is carefully cooked,It’s especially good taste.。
Mu Zihao has been used to Lu Haozheng’s temper,When eating,Always put Lu Hao into the air,Then he will be able to eat full.。
If the emotions of Hao Cheng,most of the time,He will not be peaceful。
“Luxuris,This fish is particularly delicious.,Tender and smooth,Hemp,I just have to come to him.,Eat two bowls of rice one performance,You also eat more。”He greeted Yang Liangyi,I didn’t look at Lu Hao Cheng throughout the process.。
Yang Langyi’s clear handsome,He smiled at elegant,I also clip a fish to eat。
Lu Haocheng is eating,In fact, he is not very hungry.,Just to wait for Mu Zihao and Yang Luyi to eat well。
Lu Haocheng took a small bowl of rice,He put down the chopsticks,Fasting Mu Ziyi and Yang Langyi continue to http://www.gaoweishan.cn eat。
He is taking a tea cup,Elegant drinking a tea,Be on the chair,The light is soft to his handsome,Nose is tall,Double lips,Transfer and sticky。Face line,Tough and handsome,Lirent sculpture。
Yang Langyi faces such Lu Haozheng,I can’t eat one in a mouth.。
He looked at Lu Haozheng,Seeing that his exquisite face has emitted a cold breath.。
He laughed:“Continental,Do you want to know what is Jiang Sanxin??”
He also asked。
Lu Haocheng looked at him to enter the topic,Condensation:“I would like to know,Jiang San Xin in Jiang Jia,How?Good luck?Jiang Jia is adopted by the welfare home。”
Yang Langyi listened,Looking at Lu Haozheng,Although he doesn’t know what Lu Hao becomes what you want to know Jiang Yinxin,But he and the Mu Zizi are not bad.,He also said。
In his impression,That is a poor girl。
Yang Luyi thought about it,Start talking from ourselves to Blue Xin:“Our Yang Jiahe Jiang family also knows,Jiang Sanxin and my high school are a grade,But we are not in a class,As for her life??