Down the mountain leopard helped push the door open,Chen Xiu goes in,Silly brother beckoned and shouted:“brothers,come,I will introduce you two great directors、Big screenwriter knowledge。”
I saw two people sitting across from the fool,One of the fat guys in his fifties,Smiles with a wretched look,Chen Xiu only feels familiar,Seems to have seen it there,The other is a middle-aged man in his forties,With thick black frame glasses。
“brothers,This is Hong Kong
217 Charity Auction Gala
Can make 100 million,Just100%Rate of return!
The famous saying quoted by Lao Ma in the book:“If there is10%Profit,It is guaranteed to be used everywhere;Have20%Profit,It becomes active;Have50%Profit,It takes the risk;in order to100%Profit,It dares to trample on all human laws!”
Now it’s just investing 100 million to make a big bad movie,Then rely on the fan economy of Xiaoxianrou Hanlu,Flick those people into the cinema,Compared to a business that tramples on all human laws,This is really a business of conscience。
Understand this kind of movie making routine,Chen Xiu plans not to go to the cinema anymore,Avoid paying IQ tax。
But for myself letting others pay IQ
218 2 billion shares
“Silly brother,Hello there!”
The identity of the silly brother was originally not worthy of Qin Zhi’s greeting,But I heard Chen Xiu said it was his brother,Naturally, look different,Take the initiative to shake hands with dumb brother。
The silly brother is really flattered,Keep saying dare not,Just as his social brother,I really don’t dare to be the slightest sorrow in front of Qin Zhi。
After the silly brother and Qin Zhi met,Chen Xiu said directly:“I started an entertainment company in partnership with Dude,Recently I plan to invest in a campus movie about youth,I’m going to ask Han Lu to be the leading role。When I came to the charity auction this time, I heard that you invited him as a guest performer at the conference.,I came here to sign with him。”
“Turned out to be like this,I will introduce Han Lu later
219 actor