Love silence

Many people think that once they become husband and wife, they are all their own family. He loves me, I love her, and is righteous. Why not bother to worry about it again?

As a husband and wife, he should do his job and earn money to support the family; she should also do her part, husband and son, there is no need for the two to pretend to be anything. This is the attitude of some husbands and wives towards emotional exchanges.

Dominated by this concept, married men and women in China are opposed to the intimacy and enthusiasm of their passionate love, and their expressions of emotions after marriage often become rampant, even to the point where they have nothing to say.

Such couples are actually suffering from “silent love”.

  The manifestations of “Love Silence” are: ● Rarely say something very sweet to a lover; ● Never admit mistakes to a lover; ● The two never discuss sex issues together; ● Rarely think about what a lover needs;   ● I often feel that chatting with my lover is a waste of time; ● I like to do things alone and I do n’t want to discuss it with my spouse; ● It is vulgar to think that someone pleases the other party; ● I do n’t know how my lover ‘s feelings are about myself;You are not proud of what you are proud of, and you do n’t think it ‘s great. It ‘s not worth celebrating. ● When you encounter conflicts or problems, your husband and wife are often sulking; ● You think that “admitting mistakes in front of your lover is shameful”;I’m afraid that speaking out hurts the couple’s feelings; ● I don’t know where my lover is dissatisfied with; ● I rarely sit down and exchange feelings after marriage; ● When my lover is angry, I often ignore it; ● I don’t want to talk to my lover● When the retina thinks in front of a lover, the other person often seems absent-minded; ● Sometimes when they are together, they often feel bored;   ● Why seldom explore love always in a bad mood.
  There are many reasons for “silent love”.

Of course, if the husband and wife no longer love each other, or if one party has an affair, the “silent love disorder” is only an “accompanying symptom”.

So, how is “silent love” treated?

  1.Breaking misconceptions.

After marriage, life does become a lot more realistic, but only by continuing to develop a relationship similar to that before marriage, ordinary life can have fun, and you can appreciate the happiness from the complexity of life.

Otherwise, immersing yourself in daily life chores will gradually make people feel bored, so that “marriage is the grave of love” has been confirmed.

  2.Learn to create a new life together.

Arrange more entertainment programs and opportunities to exchange feelings in family life, because this not only strengthens and develops the relationship between husband and wife, but also a conditioner to overcome stressful work, so that people can be relieved from stressful work to flourishOxidants and plenty of physical strength, continue to work and learn.

  3.Don’t always think about your dignity.

Incorrect jokes between husband and wife who took the initiative, who has face, etc.

Because initiative and enthusiasm are a kind of respect and dependence on your lover, if the other party makes fun of it, wouldn’t it be unpopular?

  4.Increase the harmony of husband and wife life.

Harmonious husband and wife life is a bond that strengthens the relationship between husband and wife.

If there are obstacles in the life of husband and wife, we must seek specialized scientific guidance.

Otherwise, decades of life will be spent in pain.

  5.Correctly understand “Men”.

A real man should be able to understand both righteousness and meticulousness; he has both emotions and desires, and he can express them appropriately.

The kind of indifferent, cold-hearted man is actually a mentally unhealthy man.