Xu Sheng smiled,Very kind“Correct,Is there anything else you want to ask?”
Pretending to hate me,But listening so seriously,Women are really hard to guess creatures。
Qian Renxue doesn’t have a good face,But continue to ask“What happened to the Dugu Bo just now??”
Xu Sheng answered patiently“I use Jiu Xin Xue Tang,Part of his memory is lost”
“Almost the same as I guessed,But wouldn’t it be better to kill Dugu Bo??He may affect the plan of Wuhun Palace in the future”Qian Renxue whispered。
The characteristics of Dugubo’s use of poison,Make him a big threat to people below Contra,If you wait for that woman’s goal to be achieved,,Build Wuhun Empire,This Dugu Bo Ke is a tricky character。
Xu Sheng was dumb,Quite funny“Dugu Bo?When I want to kill him,It’s never too late to kill”
To Xu Sheng, Dugu Bo,There is no danger at all……
Xu Sheng’s words turn,“But Renxue,How long will it be before the Mainland Advanced Elite Soul Master Competition begins??”
For Xu Sheng’s cordial call,Qian Renxue immediately chose to ignore it……
Thought for a while,Gave Xu Sheng a clear answer,“There should be two days left”
Xu Sheng’s eyes became serious,“Two days?If I rush to Wuhun City now,It takes about a day and a half,You still have time!”
Stop talking,Xu Sheng just got up from the position,Qian Renxue said“You are leaving now?”
Xu Sheng seemed to hear Qian Renxue’s panic from these words,“Ok,But if you hold me for a while,Maybe I will stay here for half a day”