“mom,Then let Dad go back by himself,You stay here a few more days!”
Qiao Yiyi said to Dongqing。
“Can not do it,And Jiajia is going back to school,So many days off,It’s not like that!”
Holly smiled and said,In her heart,She has already regarded Jiajia as her own granddaughter。
“If you want us to stay here as long as you want!”
Holly gave Joey a white look,A bit complaining,“That is to put the child’s affairs into practice,We’ll come over and bring you kids,Lightning thunder but not raining!”
“Do not worry,mom,I do it every day,Yiyi sometimes doesn’t let me implement!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled and said to the old mother-in-law。
Qiao Yiyi’s face turned red,Gritted his teeth,Angrily slammed Mo Xiaosheng’s foot。
Mo Xiaosheng didn’t have any defense,Cry out in pain。
“Yiyi,what’s wrong with you!”
Holly’s complexion sank,Scolded his daughter,“You see that people’s small ecology is more upright,Look at you again,I hope you can correct your attitude in the future,Hear
“Just,You don’t help Xiaosheng,It’s still holding people back!”
Qiao De also complained about Qiao Yiyi。
Qiao Yiyi’s chest fell together,Gave Mo Xiaosheng a fierce look。
And Luo Yilin kept laughing and covering her mouth。