“Manager Li,what happened to you,Such a happy thing,Why are you indifferent??!“
The big-eared man didn’t react to Li Qianhui,Immediately anxious,Hurriedly said。“You think,Increase human lifespan,What a great thing!“
“We have achieved,Naturally there is nothing to be happy about!“
Mo Xiaosheng glanced at him。Said lightly。
“what did you say?!“
The big-eared man’s complexion can’t help but change,Looking at Mo Xiaosheng with surprise,Seems to think I heard it wrong。
“I said,The prescription you said。We have fully mastered,And have done experiments,achieved success,This prescription can indeed delay people’s aging,Increase human lifespan,We are ready for mass production!“
Mo Xiaosheng smiled faintly at him,Some are so angry that they are not paying their lives。
“This……How……how is this possible?!“
Both the nose and big ears were shocked,Looking at Mo Xiaosheng with an incredible face,Then I looked at Li Qianjue。
“President Mo is right,We have indeed successfully tested,And is preparing for mass production!“
Li Qianhui also said helplessly。
Flick your nose,Anxious。“How could you have this prescription?!“
“Damn,Really embarrassed,The one you played for a long time《Sanxuan Essence》,And me,I happen to have the whole book!“
Mo Xiaosheng stood up,Squinted at them and smiled。
“you……You have the whole book?!“