6.5% interest,Taking into account the deposit rate up to 8%,Quite normal numbers。
Lying on the couch。
Chen Linzhi rest,Call the bank first。
Hard work can’t be spent,Since still don’t know the name of the female landlord, give a low price,Silly is not promised,Ready to get the process as soon as possible,Moving to the new house。
As for this now,Rates give in advance。
Just occasionally with a girl back,I am afraid that they have to know the residence.,There is a second http://www.yygezi.cn address.,So who is looking for a door,Miss Anna Atas is hit by Miss Anna Atas。
Chen Linzhi is crazy to pursue everything that can not have.。
I have already felt tattle,Today has an adventure,Also let him find that the world has not seen it.,Don’t pay attention to be a good man,Suddenly“Rabbit three cave”This idiom produces deeper understanding,Set in life,use as you learn。
Bank gives Chen Linzhi discount,Preliminary talk,Bring the property documents,Come and register。
Go to the company in the evening to turn around,I know that I will get a order,20,000 garbage bucket,It is also a very good business.。
A beam is excited,Take Chen Linzhi to eat,Chen Linzhi chose a white sheep meat hot pot restaurant,Take the opportunity to make up the body。
Just he didn’t expect。
I went home in the evening.,Female landlord, no healed, still,I took a bottle of wine to secretly touch him before.,Wearing a night dress,black stockings。
Chen Linzhi silently opened the door,Put her in。
it is more than words。
Mutton hot pot is white supplement,I should let the nanny stew chicken soup tomorrow.,Plumbing ginseng……
NS163chapter good luck
Second a few days secretly touch,Female landlord seems to have to take a few years from the husband a few years.,All ventilate。
Chen Linzhi enjoys Dafu for this,Learn many new knowledge。
The disadvantage is that the dark circles come out.,I didn’t go to the company a few more mornings.,So Roger still thinks what changes in his life,Quiet ask if it is a class。
Of course, no love,Can Chen Linzhi is a thorough play.,I still remember my own business to do business.,I personally go to the recruitment site of private equity fund companies.,Sleeping during the period。
This can be frightened by the employees of some comments.,I thought it would be very busy after work.,Otherwise, the spirit of the boss will be so sluggish?
It’s good to go in the loan process.,Female landlord also bought tickets to Morocco,Time is scheduled tomorrow afternoon。
Chen Linzhi signed the contract,Her full name is called Weona·Masopo,Junny to ask French men’s dreams of Sophie·Masopo,Unexpectedly, there was actually a relative relationship.。
At least in the room,Female Handwesi No Dona,Jisted, I want to introduce the younger generation to Chen Linzhi.。
I always heard that European women are even more bold.,Fertile contact,I have a little speech for this.——Really。
Take behind the back door,Not only the price is not cheap,Female Housewen Weona also took the initiative to pay some procedures。
It is said that anyway is preparing to divorce.,Can’t be cheap, your husband,Of course, Chen Linzhi, is of course refreshing,Even low-priced bought her car,A1983Aston·Martinvantage,v8engine,Symbolic only spends the money to buy a http://www.mnbhw.cn bracelet,More than 3,000 dollars,Always exchange gifts,For this painting, a happy sentence。
What is a female power?,Have independent thinking、Independent economy、Do not attach to men,Chen Linzhi, which is cheap,Can not praise Wei Na Na。
He not only enjoys a blessing,Taking the opportunity to sleep for more than ten years and twenty years of wages.。
Chen Linzhi thought afterwards,I also feel that I am broken.,Admire your own good luck……
Female Housewichina·Maso is so late。
I didn’t forget to praise Chen Linzhi before.,Say he is a good lover。
For French women,This may be very boasting。
Chen Linzhi has some spells,Especially after moving into the new house,Master bedroom、living room、bathroom、balcony,There are memories everywhere。
But it is good to have a segment of the day.,I understand this kind of http://www.ycsykyw.cn thing.,No need to put the relationship in your heart,Do you still have a chance to meet?,The day has been saving。
Zhou Himei was taken by Chen Linzhi,Sitting in Aston·Martin sports car,I came to the new house.。