3 + 3 plan to keep your baby away from colds

In the early spring when the weather is warm and cold, it must be a test for the mothers-the weather is cold and hot, and the babies often catch colds. How can I stop the babies from getting cold or reduce the cold?

Moms must want to know the answer!

Mommy’s little tricks. Little tricks 1: Be sure to drink water every day (Niuniu’s mother’s tricks). The doctor said that only if you let your baby drink enough water every day can the baby stay away from the infiltration of the cold.

Niu Niu didn’t like to drink boiled water at all before, just like drinking fruit juice.

She was easy to get angry at that time and often came with colds.

Later, I thought of a way to give her a drink of fruit juice and water, starting 1: 1, and then the lighter and lighter the juice, the less and less juice, almost close to boiling water.

Now, Niuniu has developed a good habit of drinking water, and sometimes will take the initiative to drink.

It’s getting cold. I often cook some pear water for her and put on one or two Chuanbei and red dates. The doctor said that this has the effect of nourishing the lungs and removing fire!

Small coup 2: If you don’t cover your clothes and sweat, Huanhuan will catch a cold frequently.

After consulting the doctor, I discovered that it turned out that I usually over-dressed my child and covered it too thickly.

The heating in the home was very hot. Huanhuan was wearing thermal underwear and running around, often sweating.

So I made up my mind to wear only one spring and autumn clothing, one spring and autumn pants, and one thin vest for my child.

At night, I no longer use heavy cotton sleeping bags.

In this way, Huanhuan’s sweat disappeared when she slept, and her sleep became a lot easier.

In fact, it takes courage and correct judgment for the mother to reduce clothes and quilt for the baby. I used to worry that the baby would catch cold, but the result was counterproductive.

Now I have learned the experience, that is, I often touch the baby’s small hand, as long as it is warm, it is the right temperature; when sleeping, if the feet are also warm, but do not sweat, that is the most comfortable temperature.

Little coup 3: Eat lighter and healthier (Lele’s mother’s trick) Every mother likes to watch her baby eat more, so she can’t wait to eat all the food in the world.

I went into this misunderstanding as well.

As a result, every meal requires Lele to be extra full.

But instead of being stronger, the child often caught a cold.

Later, the doctor reminded me that if you let your baby absorb too much food, it will inevitably cause its digestive system and metabolic system to overload, and the kidneys and liver will be overburdened.

Soon it will accumulate heat retention due to food accumulation, stay in the body, prevent obstruction of normal circulation, reduce resistance, and cause disease.

As the saying goes, “To be safe, thirsty and cold”, this is still very reasonable.

So, on the advice of the doctor, I started to adjust the diet for Lele, eating more fish and less meat, but the vegetables and fruits were not reduced.

This is easy to digest and ensures nutrition.

After adjustment, Lele’s digestive system and metabolic system were rested and became significantly healthier.

Expert good method good method A: 5 suggestions for your baby daily1.

Let your baby fall in love with outdoor activities.

Studies have shown that babies who often like to go outdoors are significantly more likely to catch a cold than those who stay at home.

Because outdoor activities are the most effective way to improve the resistance of respiratory mucosa.

Even in winter, in less severe weather, it is necessary to properly expose the baby to the cold air above and keep close to the fresh air and sunlight while keeping warm.


Let your baby learn to wash his hands consciously.

Doctors warn that rubbing your nose and eyes with your hands with viruses or bacteria will most likely cause your baby to catch a cold.

Especially for babies attending kindergarten, they have to be in contact with many children every day. If they can ensure good hand washing habits, their chance of catching a cold will be reduced by more than 50%.

Keep in mind that washing your hands is the simplest and most effective way to prevent colds, but you must wash your hands with soap for more than 30 seconds and then rinse them with water.

The same effect can be achieved with hand sanitizer.

3. It is best to isolate someone with a cold at home immediately.

If a family member or someone looking after the baby catches a cold, they should stop contacting the baby immediately; if they cannot be isolated, the patient must wear a mask and wash their hands frequently to prevent transmission to the baby.


Few colds or go out when epidemic.

Do not take your baby to a public place with a lot of people and poor ventilation, and do not take your baby out of the house during the cold season to prevent infection.


Keep your baby’s room and play area ventilated, and the temperature and humidity should be appropriate.

Keep opening the window for 15 minutes every day to keep the air in your home fresh.

To adjust the humidity in the room, a humidifier may be added.

Good Method B: Adjust Your Diet AB Method Diet Condition A Method: Strengthen the Defense Wall Modern nutrition research has found that some foods contain a lot of nutrients required by the human body, and contain biologically active substances, which can activate the body’s immune army and strengthenDefense shield against invading viruses.

Letting these foods show up on your table is not only a delicacy, but also a good medicine to prevent your baby’s cold.

Eat more radish, mushrooms and other potential “interferon inducer” vegetables.

Scientific research shows that after any kind of virus invades the human body, parasites need to be replicated and reproduced in human cells in order to form a climate and make people sick.

The role of “interferon” is to interfere with the replication and reproduction of the virus, prevent it from becoming a climate, and achieve the purpose of preventing disease.

“Interferon inducer” can make the human body produce “interferon”, it exists in some foods, especially the “interferon inducer” contained in radish is the most abundant, followed by mushrooms.

In short, white radish, green radish, red radish, etc., eat the “medicinal effect” of chewing raw.

Cold shredded radish is not only a crispy raw snack dish, but also a safe medicine.

When eating vegetables, whether it is amaranth or vegetarian, add some mushrooms, which not only improves the taste, but also prevents disease.

Eat more tomatoes, carrots and other oxidant “antioxidant” vegetables. If you compare the virus that causes colds to “spear” and the human immune force to “shield”, then “antioxidant” can eliminate “spear”, And can strengthen the “shield”.

Nutrients with “antioxidant” effects are mainly lycopene, carotene and vitamin C.

Tomato combines three “antioxidants” in one, namely vitamin C, carotene and lycopene; carrots are rich in carotene.

Method B for diet conditioning: experts in creating a high-quality internal environment remind that whether the internal environment of the baby’s body is good or bad, also affects the strength of disease prevention.

Vegetables, “green guards” to protect the body.

Today, meat, fish, eggs, and shrimp are not eaten on our tables.

However, if you let your baby eat only “meat” and not “dish”, you may gradually make your baby ‘s body in a “sub-healthy state”. In the future, as long as the “wind blows the grass”, the baby will easily get sick.

You know that vegetables are far more effective than fruits.

Spinach, rapeseed, cauliflower, amaranth, etc. should take turns at your table. In short, your baby’s rice bowl should not be green for a day.

Good way C: 5 pieces of advice for adding or removing clothes to your baby 1.

Do n’t take off your clothes after getting up in the morning, especially when your baby feels hot or sweating, and you ca n’t take off your clothes immediately. You should let your baby calm down and wait for the sweat to disappear naturally.


In a hot and cold environment, when a baby enters a hot room from a cold room, he should take off his coat in advance, otherwise it is easy to catch a cold until he sweats and then takes off.


Watch every night and listen to the weather forecast. If the weather is significantly higher, do not dress your baby more when you get up the next morning, because undressing your baby halfway can easily cause your baby to catch a cold.


If you do n’t know how much to wear for your baby, you can do this: You try on clothes that are as thick as your baby and sit still for a while. If you do n’t feel cold or hot, it means that your baby ‘s clothes are thick and thin.It’s a good thing. In addition, your baby can wear one more layer of clothing than you, and it must not be very different.

You know, although babies are not as cold-resistant as adults, babies are always in the state of movement, and they will naturally sweat when they wear too much. Sweating is one of the main causes of babies’ colds.


After the weather is hot, it’s safest for your baby to lose clothes a few days later than you. If you haven’t felt cold because of losing clothes for 5 days, then it’s not too late to give your baby clothes.

Daily Tips When your baby is sleeping ¤ It is best not to let your baby wear knitted underwear or thick pajamas, and do not cover your baby too thick, and do not set the room too high.

Generally, babies sleep more safely in short pajamas or small vests, so that babies will not catch cold because they like to kick the quilt.
¤ After the baby is asleep, whether in the arms, in a stroller, in a car seat or on the back of a bicycle, the baby should be protected from the wind and cold.

¤ When the baby just woke up, be careful not to take it outdoors immediately, and let the baby move indoors for a while.
¤ The baby should also take off his coat during the daytime, cover with a thin quilt, and put on his coat immediately after waking up.

Baby should wear sweat-absorbent, loose, well-ventilated, and comfortable sports clothes when baby is active.

When your baby is playing a lot of sports, take off his jacket beforehand.

¤ When your baby is sweating, don’t take off your clothes. You should wipe the sweat first to calm the baby down and put on the jacket when the sweat hasn’t completely gone.

¤ It is wrong to undress your baby immediately when it is found to be hot or when you see your baby sweating. You must know that “cover first and then take off” is more likely to make your baby cold than “take off first and then cover”.

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