[Can dried corn kernels make soy milk]_ soy milk _ how to do

Corn is a staple food we often eat. The conversion of corn is relatively low, and the nutritional value is relatively high. Usually, eating corn has the effect of losing weight, and it is also very effective in promoting digestion. Corn is a kind of coarse grains.

If you have dried corn kernels in your home, you can use it to make soy milk. The taste is good, it has good health effects, and the method of making soy milk is relatively simple.

Can dried corn kernels be used for soymilk? In fact, you can think about it. The soymilk produced by the soymilk machine is usually made of beans. Soy beans, mung beans, and red beans are stuffed with beans. They are dry and very hardYes, it just needs to be soaked for one night. After the soymilk machine is finished, it is equivalent to flushing the soybean flour inside and let it be put in, so you only need to soak the corn for one night and drink it the next morning.At that time, just use a soymilk machine.

Efficacy of corn1. Corn has the functions of regulating appetizers, replenishing lungs and replenishing heart, clearing dampness and heat, relieving liver and gallbladder, and delaying aging.

2. Of all the staple foods, it can be said that the nutrition of corn and its health effects are excellent.

3. The vitamin content in corn is very high, which is 5-10 times that of rice and wheat.

4, corn contains a lot of nutrition and health substances.

5. Corn contains sugar, protein, trace amounts, and carotene.

The nutritional value of corn is 1, and the vitamin content of corn is very high.

The substances contained in it can help us promote gastrointestinal motility, effectively treat constipation, enteritis and so on.

It doesn’t absorb too much glucose and can also help us lower blood lipids and the like.

2, calcium content is close to dairy products.

Scientific testing confirms that every 100 grams of corn can provide nearly 300 milligrams of calcium, almost the same as the calcium contained in dairy products.

Rich in calcium can lower cholesterol.

If you take 1 gram of calcium a day, blood pressure can be reduced by 9% after 6 weeks.

3, contains a lot of vitamin E.

Corn germ and pollen contain a large amount of vitamin E, which can promote cell division, enhance the body’s metabolism, reduce serum secretion, regulate nerve and endocrine functions, replace the richness of subcutaneous tissue, skin cells have elasticity and gloss, and prevent skin lesions.

It can enhance physical strength and endurance, prevent cell aging and brain function degradation, and have an anti-angiogenic effect.