Most of the freshmen have suffered an unimaginable blow in these three days,Whether it’s the mind or body,They learned a lot。
There is a team of four,They are showing different powers with extraordinary behavior!
New students find trouble with old students,The key is success,This relationship is not only between new students and old students,There was also a battle between the old student and the old student。
In the face of survival and interest,Those who are often hung in the mouth“good friend”All bullshit,Live on,Do everything possible to get the crystal core,This is their only thought。
This is a standard five-man team,From the perspective of the faintly distributed attributes and realm,They should have run in for a long time!
The four of Xia Chenglong just came over,Just look at each other like this。
“Tut tut,What is your luck today,Can still meet freshmen in first grade,Could it be said that the gods specially cares for us?”
The speaker is not wearing tights,But a white shirt,The dark gold pattern on the neckline and cuffs reveals elegance and elegance。
The same goes for the other four,Wear uniform clothing,Smile confidently。
If anyone sees this team,Will definitely be shocked,Junior student,A professional hunting team that can rank in the top 50 of the entire grade。
They have been preparing since three years ago,And last year someone in the team was able to enter the inner courtyard,I stayed this year to wait for my partner,So they have enough reasons to laugh at any freshman。
“Hand over your crystal core,We can let you go。”
With Xia Chenglong’s words finished,The old students who were playfully stopped talking,Looking at each other,Seems to hear some shocking words。
A freshman,Actually in front of two-year old students,Threaten them to hand over the crystal core?
“Big brother,Did you hear it,They let us hand over the crystal core。”
The outermost man laughed so hard that he could not speak,“Big brother,Correct,Sorry,Please allow me to laugh for a while,I’m going to collapse this special code!”
“well,I saw myself as a freshman,but……You should understand your own mission!”After his teammates laughed for a while,Nangonghan waved his hand and said。