Li Mochou reveals his murderous intent,Looking at Du Jueming viciously,How many years,Ever anyone treat her like this!
Du Jueming actually cut her clothes,Simply unforgivable!
Suddenly heard footsteps on the side,Turn around,It turned out to be the two female disciples of the ancient tomb!
Immediately shipped very powerful,Patted Xu Xuxu fiercely。
“Xu Xu be careful!”
Seeing Li Mochou was going to cruel Xu Xuxu,Du Caseming,Flew out,I want to block this palm with my body!
First49chapter、Jade Bee Jelly
Li Mochou hit Du Jueming’s back with a strong blow with anger。
A huge force came from behind,Du Jueming was directly beaten back by this palm.,I fell into Xu Xuxu’s arms。
“Amin,Are you OK!”
Xu Xuxu’s slightly panicked voice sounded,Du Jueming looked at Xu Xuxu,Pull out a reluctant smile。
“Xu Xu,I may not work,you.Take care。”