“Got a triple pair,Beautiful in my heart.” Xu Xuan hummed Taylor’s new song,Rub the shower gel on myself。 Little Tim·Hardaway looked at Xu Xuan enviously:“Xu,Your […]


Yuntian nodded and chuckled:“Confucian can teach,I can tell you something,You also know that this killing capital is only a thousand years old,And the old man was from ten thousand years ago,So it’s harder to figure out a way,But who is the old man,You are right!”

Lin Yan looked at the self-propelled Yuntian’s face and twitched,Roll up your sleeves slowly,Yuntian immediately recovered his calm。 “Cough,What are you doing,Gentleman can’t speak,I will […]


“Looking through the autumn dew,,Herb green,Strange in the middle of the herb,The branches and leaves are snow white,All over the water droplets,Like the dew left in the morning,Can make eyes,The wonder of everything in the world.”

“Youxiang Qiluo Fairy,Buds bloom,No leaf,Stem length three feet,The petals are crystal clear,Full diameter,Stamens are lavender,Baidu Buster,It neutralizes all toxins,Does not detoxify by itself.” Qianyu’s pupils […]