[Degeneration of a lunch]_Energy_Nutrition Value

During three meals a day, lunch is very important. Whether you eat well or not is not the most important thing. The most important thing is to have a full stomach.

Because of this characteristic of lunch, the conversion of lunch is higher than breakfast and dinner.

Therefore, if the person who pays attention to the transformation of diet usually pays attention to the transformation of lunch.

So, what is the transmutation of a lunch?

Let’s take a look below.

The average female is 2100-2300, and the male is 2400-2700.

Those who are tired from work, like site workers, plus 300 kcal.

The distribution of three meals should be 3: 4: 3.

Taking a healthy adult woman as an example, the average calorie intake per meal should be 600?
650 calories of food is equivalent to 10?
12 black sesame dumplings, 12?
15 dumplings or 4 spring cakes rolled with bean sprouts and shredded pork.

If you eat hot pot, it is equivalent to 50 grams of lamb, 50 grams of fat beef, 150 grams of assorted vegetables, 50 grams of tofu, plus a sesame seed and a bowl of thick mutton soup.

Men should eat more degenerations per meal than women, about 680?
800 calories, converted into food, about a quarter more than women, that is, 12 meals per meal?
15 black sesame dumplings, 15?
20 dumplings, 5?
Six spring cakes with bean sprouts and shredded pork, or 60 grams of mutton, 60 grams of fat beef, 180 grams of assorted vegetables, 60 grams of tofu, plus two sesame seeds and two bowls of mutton soup.

Note: For every kilogram lost by the human body, you need to consume 7,700 calories. Another way of saying it is 7,200 calories. Comrades who love to lose weight, especially young lesbians, please count for yourself.

Swimming: Consumption of 175 calories in the body every half hour.

It is a coordinated movement of the whole body, which is good for strengthening cardiopulmonary function, exercising strength and strength.

It is most conducive to the recovery of patients’ health. Women’s recovery after birth is a good exercise for the elderly and those who are thin.

Track and field: 450 calories can be consumed every half hour.

It allows the entire body to exercise.

Basketball: Consumption of 250 calories every half hour.

It enhances brightness and strengthens cardiopulmonary function.

Bicycle: Consumption of 330 calories every half hour.

Good for the heart and lungs and legs.