Shengde Academy does have an absolute position on the mainland,Those students who come out of the college find jobs in various places,Is a force that cannot be ignored。
But come to someone else’s house,It’s really impolite to say this。
“Miss Zhao, don’t get me wrong,We also want to feel the difference of Ben Thanh,Don’t bother everyone。”Peter casually explained。
Ok,This kind of explanation is better than let alone。
“There,Since the two want to go around,I will arrange it。”Zhao Shaojiu said as a landlord。
Heard the other person say this,Zhao Shaojiu smiled in his heart,Bincheng belongs to the Zhao family long ago,Isn’t this bullshit?
Chapter 202 Face Slap
“Fourth brother,What do you think?”
Wait until the two leave Xia Chenglong,In fact, he has been standing outside for a long time。
What do you want,He just thought about how to get to Shengde College,I’m here for convenience。
“Hospitality,Let them feel the enthusiasm of the Zhao family!”
Don’t you look down on the Zhao family?,OK,Then let them see this influx,The small family who got the qualification for the Fighting Tournament by mistake,The strength right now!