Chapter VII Hang up
According to statistics,This person is the cunning guy Huang Lei has been waiting for。
Whether or not,Anyone who appears at this time may stop him from eating chicken,See one anyway,Just kill one。
That guy seems so cautious,From his making some noises to the later stage,Never show up,Despite the poison,Have surrounded their buildings。
Normally,Should run this time,The farther you run the better,Run as fast as possible,He is a large-scale act of shrinking the circle,Don’t run,It won’t take long to quit the game。
This guy is very calm,It is estimated that when Huang Lei shot and killed the rest of the people before, this person felt that someone was lying in ambush nearby.,At this time, I can only be patient,See who goes first。
If Huang Lei leaves first,The other party will obviously take action to solve Huang Lei。
Of course,Huang Lei doesn’t need to worry at all,He is safer from that circle than the hidden guy。
Time goes by little by little,The poison circle stopped。
Past again10Many seconds,20second……As the time goes,The other party should show up?
Actually that person finally appeared,With the sound of footsteps getting closer,Huang Lei holding his breath,Waiting for the other person to show up。
Hit yourself by the opponent,It will hurt, hurt or even die,Huang Lei is playing with each other with his life。
The opponent is just a game character,Kill him hundreds of times without any problem。