More sprayed mysterious chaotic green airflow,These chaotic green air flow moisturized chaotic green lotus,This chaotic green lotus grows rapidly。
Few months。
The sky is over the sky,The owner of these two shadows is Tang Dang and King,At this moment, the two people are on,Stabilize,It has not been under those who spent the little gods.。
And there is a fate between fate。
A few movements in the temple,It is a black robes,White robe,San people,Three people see that Tang Diwu and Kao King have advanced.。
It has been a level with them in strength.。
“Thank you three。”Tang Diwu and the knife king have laughed:“Thank you,Thank you。”
“The two are welcome.。”Minguo laughing:“You want to thank you, Lin Feng, your own people,Do not,It should now be called the Lord of Lin。”
“One of our two major palace。”The black robes and white robe have also laughed.。
“He is on the opposition of the Vice Temple.?”The knife king and the Tang Dynasty, the two people heard the words,The two faces with ecstasy,This is the ethnicity,The race once again born a high-power person。
“This nature,And it is the most powerful side of my mortuary.。”Minguo laughing:“Please come in,Let’s talk slowly.,We have prepared a banquet。”
“it is good!”
Knife king,Tang Diki, two people went in,I feel a thousand in my heart,All this is Lin Feng。
At that time, although the two also became the high level of the Arctic Temple,But there is not much alliance in the temple.,I have seen more and more people standing in Lin Feng.,Two people are very pleased in their hearts。
Five people sit next to a waterfall。
Just sit down,Tang Diwu and the knife king’s two people can’t wait to ask the recent thing.,Epicchronize,When the things that happen to these days have been explained over,This makes Tang and the knife and the knife are so excited.。
“A good boy。”Tang Yan Shen:“Strong enough!”
“The peak of my family,This year’s Yuan Weizhen is alive.,Even some are not as good as。”The knife king also laughed。
“Ha ha,The most amazing figure in your family。”Sir, Luohaha smile:“Congratulations。”
“Congratulations,More than a lot of photos。”The two people and white robe have also laughed.。
“Speech,Come,A few cups。”Tang Xi Haha smiled:“Trinity Today is a happy,Drinking the wine, our brothers go to the devil abyss。”
“how?Not going together with the palace?”Minguo laughing:“He has long expected today.,So let us block you alone,Temple, these days are to prepare to go to the devil abyss,You can only have death without life.,Still waiting for him some time。”
“good,Otherwise, the temple is shakeable to find you.,I will personally go,His understands you。”Black robe also persuaded。
“Ok。”Tang Diwu and the knife king’s two people nodded,I thought about it.,Two people go alone,Also dangerous,It is better to wait Lin Feng。
“drink wine!”
Episode,Black robes,White robes have taken a glass of wine glasses:“There is a palace,Believe in the horse to success。”
“we believe。”Tang Diwu and the knife king have a smile:“cheers!”
Five people touched the wine glass,And after drinking。
Just when the five people just put down the wine glass,A sound outside the big array:“Xianxian Xian Yichen came to visit Lin Temple。”
“The Mozu Magic is coming to see Lin Dynasty。”
“The Spiritual Temple seeks the devil to come to the old man。”