Make yourself happy overtime

After graduation, I was fortunate to join a foreign company.

I think it’s good, but I often have to work overtime, and my own time suddenly becomes very small.

  When I met a friend, she exclaimed: Why don’t you see it for a month, and you will become so embarrassed that your wrinkles will grow.

At that moment, the bitter water hidden in my heart for many days suddenly decided, after listening to my complaints, my friend laughed: Ye Zi, in fact, I quite envy you.

I really hate.

“Banga means that you have social value. Like me, I work extra light and feel like I’m wasting my life.

“she says.

  I thought about it and thought it made sense.

I have to adjust to make myself happily working overtime.

I went to the beauty salon and asked the beautician to do a skin test for me.

The beautician suggested that I do comprehensive care once a week, so that I can maintain the normal metabolism of the skin, even if I work overtime all night without great problems.

Then I bought another set of advanced skin care products.

  Applying for cards and cosmetics cost me a month of overtime.

However, my beauty has been with overtime ever since.

When I worked overtime, I was no longer depressed, and even a little bit more fun.

When the boiling day slowly cools down, open the window, and there are Wanjia lights under the night, and the cool breeze, soothing my many troubles.

Every day, I look at the pot of flowers on the balcony of the office, water it, and smell its fragrance.

Back at the table, a gentle table lamp, a cup of coffee, and then carefully finish the unfinished work of the day, or prepare for tomorrow’s work, or tutoring what they lack, is very fulfilling and happy.

  After working overtime, I enjoyed the leisure at home 100%.

I never take my work home.

Back home, take a good bath, sprinkle some rose oil, and sleep quietly in the faint floral fragrance.

When I woke up the next day, I was devoted to work again.

  Two years later, I became the youngest director of the company due to the outstanding performance.

When I found a new person to learn from me, I told them what my friend had said: “Be young, give it a go.”