[Can garlic and yogurt be eaten together]_How to eat_Precautions

The reason why yogurt is so popular for everyone is that yogurt is made from fermented milk, so yogurt does not have the fishy smell of milk, and it is rich in lactic acid bacteria that can balance the body.

And if women drink more yogurt, they can not only achieve the beauty and beauty effect, but also have a certain effect to lose weight.

The bactericidal effect of garlic is very strong, so if you want to clear your breath, you can eat a little garlic, but can garlic and yogurt be eaten together?

Can garlic and yogurt be eaten together?

Eat garlic and yogurt at the same time, garlic will not kill the probiotics in the yogurt.

Eat garlic 2 times a day, raw or cooked?
3 garlic, or half an onion, and several onion segments can achieve sterilization and prevent infection.

The fermentation process of yogurt makes about 20% of the sugar and protein in milk broken down into small molecules (such as galactose and lactic acid, small peptide chains and amino acids, etc.), and the trace content in milk is generally 3% -5%.

After fermentation, the fatty acids in milk can be doubled compared to raw milk. These changes make yogurt easier to digest and absorb, and the conversion of various nutrients is improved.

Can I drink yogurt after eating garlic?

Garlic and yogurt are good things that boost immunity.

Eat garlic Garlic can stimulate the activity of T lymphocytes and macrophages, which can improve immunity; drink some yogurt. Recent research has found that yogurt can stimulate the body to produce γ-interferon, increase natural killer cell activity, and promote antibody production.

Yogurt is made from pure milk fermentation. In addition to retaining all the nutrients of fresh milk, lactic acid bacteria can also produce multivitamins necessary for human nutrition, such as VB1, VB2, VB6, VB12, etc.

Garlic can’t be eaten with anything. 1, green onions: garlic and green onions will hurt the stomach.

Both are strongly stimulating food in the body, and the same food is prone to symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea.

There is no need to worry at all when it is eaten raw, which is heated and cooked together, and the condiments used in cooking are used.

2. Mutton: Garlic and mutton are warm ingredients. They can be used to make the body dry and hot, and can be used to replenish one’s body in winter.

3, chicken: chicken and garlic are grams.

Garlic Xin Wen is toxic.

Chicken chicken is warmed with warm acid, the functions of the two are complementary, and the garlic smells bad. From a seasoning perspective, it is not compatible with chicken.

4, dog meat: dog meat tonic, garlic spicy, both of the same food, help the fire hurt the yin, especially those who are hot and yang are not eaten.

5. Mango: If mango is eaten with garlic, the skin will turn yellow.

6. Shochu: Garlic and shochu are both spicy and irritating foods. It is easy to get angry with the same food.

7, jujube: eating red dates with garlic can cause indigestion, affect rehabilitation, and even produce constipation and other adverse symptoms.

8. Catfish: Catfish and garlic will eat fever and get angry when eaten together.

9, honey: honey and garlic mixed food, easy to cause diarrhea.

Organic acids in honey encounter allicin, which will adversely affect the body’s biochemical reactions and stimulate the stomach.

Yogurt can’t be eaten with anything. 1. Banana: Banana has the function of drunken the stomach and intestines. Yogurt can also be digested. Eating two together can easily cause diarrhea. 2. Pickles: like salted fish, pickles, etc. There are nitrates in the picklesSalt, eat with yogurt will cause 3, soy products: yogurt contains a lot of calcium, which will break down the nutrition in soy products 4, drugs: reduce the therapeutic effect of reducing drugs can garlic and yogurt eat together?

Can I drink yogurt after eating garlic?

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In addition, when the temperature of the yogurt is too high, the probiotics in it will lose their activity and reduce the nutrition of the yogurt.