[Inventory of the five most vulnerable husbands in marriage]

The two most unbearable things for a Chinese man are killing his father and hating his wife.

This fear extends to women, that is, life and death are small, and dislocation is large, but don’t think that only Chinese women are bound by the chaste archway. In fact, there are also Chinese men bound by them.

The absence of a famous wife means that the husband has a green hat, so every scene of the sword lightsaber starts around this green hat.

And some men are most likely to encounter this kind of thing?

The first: men who regard women as the pearl of their palms. Many men have taken good care of his women, allowed to sleep, brought with them to eat, think about going to work, and always indulge in his self-righteous love story.

In fact, it is often the desire of men, which is very dangerous.

On the balance of love, whoever pays more will be insignificant. If you always pay, this is equivalent to continuously adding love focus code to the other party, which will inevitably cause the pointer of the balance to deviate from itself.

Let yourself be ignored by women, and then hurt by women.

Therefore, as a man, you must be a man with a lot of weight. You must not overly spoil a woman or lose her self because of a woman.