Qin Liang had to tell the truth to Murong Shan。
“what!This……How can this be done?!”
really,Murong Shan immediately panicked。
‘So you said how can I not be in a hurry!How can I rest assured Xiaoxue……“
Qin Liang said depressed。
”Yep,I really can’t blame you for this……But the situation of you guys,How can i go back?Isn’t that the same as going to die??“
Murong Shan nodded in understanding,Then said。
”Ugh……Don’t I mean that I killed Xiaoxue and Xiaoyun?……“
Qin Liang said so regretfully。
”Do you have to help them fight this battle??“
Murong Shan asked anxiously。
”Military orders。“
Qin Liang only answered four words this time!