Lin Yu,Knew it early,Lu Yingying,A little worried after seeing my father,Would not like her。
and so,I have been procrastinating and refused to go back。
“You have nothing else,Want to say?”
Lu Yingying,Heard what Lin Yu said,A bit unbearable。
because,Lin Yu’s life experience,It’s so scary,this one,How is it,Never thought of。
In my own imagination,Lin Yu’s father,At most, it is more than ordinary people,It’s just a businessman with a little more money。
But did not expect,Unexpectedly rich,Can transfer 1.5 billion at will。
But in Lin Yu’s eyes,This 1.5 billion,Doesn’t seem to be a lot,It’s just the tip of the iceberg。
“Nothing else to say。”
“because,To say,tomorrow,After you came back to the family with me,You will know。”
“All right,Pack things up。”
“Leaving tomorrow。
“Leave this time,Probably,after,Never come back。”
“What do you want to take away,Clean up。”