Say goodbye to desperate housewives and restore beautiful skin easily

We must all gradually enter the ranks of housewives, and being a virtuous and beautiful woman is not so easy.

How to make yourself look good while doing your housework?

Let’s take a look with Xiaobian, how is the housewife who is no longer desperate?

  In the face of how the oil fume enters the hall and the kitchen, cooking oil will generate a variety of carcinogens when heated.

Housewives have been eroded by oil fume for a long time, and are prone to rough aging and adult acne.

Therefore, we need to cleanse early and repair the skin at the same time.

  Salvage measures for dull skin: 1 When cooking is delicious, in addition to turning on the cooker hood in a timely manner, you must also ventilate the kitchen to ensure the air circulation in the kitchen and prevent the oil fume from spreading throughout the room.

  After the two housewives had finished cooking, they needed to clean the skin immediately to avoid the pollution residue of oil fume staying on the wooden board.

  3 Do deep exfoliation at least 1-2 times a week, and use a cleansing mask to deeply clean the pores and purify the skin.

  4 It is recommended to use a hydrating mask and eye mask every two days to strengthen skin care and maintain a good skin balance.

  5 You can consider using whitening products to prevent skin pigmentation and dull skin, making the skin more transparent and bright.

  How to daily care for oily dark skin. Recommended daily skin care procedures: Deep Cleansing-Toner-Whitening Spot Essence-Moisturizing Eye Cream-Day Cream / Night Cream.Moisturizing eye mask 3 times.

  Negative point: Diagnosing mask cooking methods is not feasible.

  The mask needs to be in a completely relaxed state of the skin, so that the nutrients in the mask can be fully absorbed by the skin.

The mask applied to the whole body cannot isolate the oil fume pollution, and it will penetrate the mask to stimulate the skin.

Because the moisturized mask is applied to the skin, it will cause more oily impurities to be adsorbed on the skin surface, which will also cause damage to the skin.

  When cleaning to avoid dust and skin cleaning, due to the increase in activity, the skin will also open pores due to the increase in body temperature, and the secretion of sebaceous glands will increase. However, when the room is dry, it will cause water loss and dryness.Easier to be contaminated.

  Scan 1 uses moisturizing products. It is best to choose products that effectively restructure the sebum film to moisturize and eliminate the skin’s self-protection function.

  2 Use functional products with comprehensive protection and oxidation resistance.

  After cleaning: 1 Do a thorough cleansing of the face, but not too much; use cleansing products with high moisturizing effect, try to prevent skin irritation, and carefully clean the T-shaped part.

  2 It is best to make a moisturizing mask to help the skin to recover and condition properly, so that the skin is fully awakened, and a lot of energy and lost moisture are added.

  3 At the same time, don’t neglect the moisturizing care for the eyes and lips. You also need to choose products with good moisturizing performance and low irritation.

  Cleansing Dull Daily Suggestions: Recommended Daily Skin Care Procedures: Cleansing-Toner-Moisturizing Essence-Moisturizing Eye Cream-Day / Night CreamIt must be done once after cleaning.

  Staying up late to be a novice mother for your baby’s face is really stressful, but you have to remember that if you can’t take care of yourself at this time, the speed of skin aging may turn sharply.

The new mother must also work towards the standard of hot mom!

Baby and skin care, can’t have one?
Rescue measures for staying up late: 1 Because you spend most of your time each day caring for children and work, it is recommended to choose high-performance products in skin care and then simplify skin care procedures, that is, choose the type that contains multiple effects inA bottle of product, especially an essence.

  2 When you watch TV every week, apply the mask and eye mask 1-2 times. It can also be regarded as a time for relaxation and beauty. Although it is only 15-20 minutes, the effect will be very significant.

  3When the pressure peaks, the water loss will also be faster, making the skin look rough and dull. It is recommended that you use a moisturizer to add enough moisture to the skin.

The same reason, drink plenty of water every day, preferably 1200-1500C.

Around, the body and skin will be healthy and energetic.

  Stay up all night type. Daily maintenance recommendations. Daily skin care procedures: cleansing-lotion-high-performance multi-effect serum-brightening eye cream-day cream / night cream. Recommended weekly skin care procedures: soothing mask 2-3 times, multi-effect repair eyesFilm 2 times.