Qiao Yun is the limit among ordinary people,Brain is not good enough,But hard enough、Hard work。What if the memory is bad,But as long as she doesn’t admit defeat,We can continue to create miracles。
If Fang Yu didn’t have a master,,I’m afraid it’s not as good as Qiao Yun now。
“You’re kidding……I compare with you,Still a long way to go!”
Qiao Yun embarrassed。
Fang Yu is joking with her!
“Let’s go……We go back!”Fang Yu feels,Such a day is very comfortable。
If there is no such thing as Doctor Gao。
I’m afraid it will be better!
In Fang Yu and Qiao Yun separately。
I received a call from Mei Xingyun!
“Doctor May……how?”
Fang Yu asked。
Logically,Their previous intersection,Should end。
Doesn’t seem to be the case!
“Want you to do me a favor!”
Mei Xingyun sighed。