Peng Changyi has never seen him before,He kept nodding,Look at the fish,Said:“eat more,Fish are nutritious,Replenish the brain,My son likes to eat fish。”
Peng Changyi mentioned his son at this time,Everyone knows that his son was born to his second wife Shu Qing。Thought of here,Rongman’s smile gradually closed on his face,She lowered her head and took a bite of fish,Absent-mindedly put it into your mouth and chew,But it doesn’t taste the same。
Ronman knew very well,The fish is delicious,If the mood is not on the fish,It’s not delicious。
in fact,Ronman is here this time,I really want to talk to Peng Changyi,That’s about Meng Ke,Meng Ke during SARS,Due to weak measures,Lax prevention and control,Caused Kangzhou to become the hardest hit area in Jinan,Something more terrible,When the first SARS patient appeared,Kangzhou Municipal Party Committee、The city government did not pay enough attention,No designated hospitals,The hospital has not set up emergency channels and treatment measures,This patient initially had a fever and cough,Was treated for pneumonia at the township hospital,After no effect,Went to the city hospital to see a doctor,Only this case,Infected 15 medical staff and more than 20 relatives,Caused the death of the patient and two medical staff、Typical case of more than 200 people being quarantined。Give a serious warning to the mayor of Kang,Deputy secretary and deputy mayor in charge of health work and director of health、The vice presidents of the hospital were all removed,There is no official statement about the punishment of the Kangzhou Party Secretary,But the rumors are already flying,Some said they would transfer Meng Ke away,Some say he will be severely penalized,Some said they would be demoted。
This is another political crisis that occurred in Mengke less than half a year after the last developer rebuilding incident.,Meng Ke also felt the crisis was serious,Public relations everywhere,I want to meet with Guan Hao several times。Rongman persuaded him to call Minister Fan,Meng Ke is embarrassed to call,He said he didn’t have such a deep friendship with Fan Wenliang,Not only did I not have deep friendship with him,In addition,If according to officialdom“Stand in line”,He should be on Zhai Bingde’s line,Later, I had several contacts with Minister Fan,Also because of the relationship between Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi,Meng Ke came to work in Kangzhou,It’s actually the eyes of Zhai Bingde inserted beside Fan Wenliang,Later, Zhang Huai appeared to disrupt the election order,Move around,In the process of nominating candidates,One more monk,Three birds with one stone,Elect Jiang Fan,Meng Ke can’t be in power,So he dreams of being in position。then,Whether it’s Zhai Bingde or Fan Wenliang,I don’t want another political incident in Kangzhou where the mayor was elected,of course,Meng Ke himself has a high degree of political consciousness,He found Fan Wenliang in the first place,Express your position and opinion to the organization,Resolutely act according to the organization’s intentions,Support Jiang Fan to turn positive……Because of his firm stand in this election,High political consciousness,of course,Also because of Meng Ke’s special identity,For many considerations,soon,Zhai Bingde transferred Meng Ke out,Appointed as Mayor of Qingping City……For this reason,If Meng Ke takes Fan Wenliang’s relationship,He actually has a mental disorder,In addition,The special way of thinking of officials,He was also afraid that someone would fall into trouble against him。
Ronman can’t do Mengke’s job,She came to Peng Changyi behind her back,In addition,She really wants to see Peng Changyi,woman,Once you install a man in your heart,Won’t easily forget,Besides, this is a man of outstanding charm,Is the man she likes。
Come this time,I wanted to talk to Peng Changyi about Meng Ke,I would like to ask Peng Changyi to help the Minister Fan or the Mayor Guan.,Last time because of the land requisition,The higher-level municipal party committee had to deal with him,While studying,Mayor Guan Hao“Cure illnesses”The principle of saving him,this time,Meng Ke begged to see Guan Hao several times,Was passed by the secretary for various reasons,Meng Ke Zhiqu,Don’t ask to see Guan Hao anymore,Knowing that I have no face to see Guan Hao,From Guan Hao’s attitude,He felt strongly the crisis he was facing,I can’t beat my energy,Run to the province twice in three days,Run to beijing,Pull relationship,Walk the way,I can’t see anyone in the unit for three days,Sometimes the regular meeting of the Standing Committee will be cancelled for his reasons。
Ronman advised him to calm down,Hold your ground,Don’t jump up and down,In addition, work hard,Even if you are dismissed tomorrow,Also maintain the demeanor that a leading cadre should have。But Meng Ke won’t listen to Ronman,So I even fell out with Ronman,I thought Ronman was afraid that he would spend her money,Just add bad words to Ronman。
Ronman likes Meng Ke,Except that Meng Ke has some shadow of Peng Changyi,Also because he is the secretary of the municipal party committee,Ronman doesn’t avoid this from the heart,businessman,Who doesn’t want to combine with power,Meng Ke is single,Seeing tenderness as water、Ronman with outstanding appearance and successful career,Of course you can’t resist,They soon fell in love、Sleep brightly,This is an open secret long ago,Otherwise, Peng Changyi would not use his alcohol to smash the Rongman luxury car that Mengke drove.。Peng Changyi smashed the car,I hope Meng Ke can be alert,But Peng Changyi cannot openly tell Meng Ke these things,Because I once had skin intersection with Ronman,Even if Meng Ke didn’t know,Ronman would think of herself crooked in her heart,also,Monk Single,Ronman is not married,It’s legitimate for them to be in contact with each other,Regardless of organization or Peng Changyi,I can’t tell you anything,You can’t just because Ronman is a local entrepreneur and you can’t fall in love with the secretary of the municipal party committee.,The marriage law does not clearly stipulate that they cannot be married in this situation。and so,Peng Changyi smashed the car,Ronman,He doesn’t want Meng Ke to be affected by Ronman’s identity,of course,There is another possibility,That’s after Meng Ke and Ronman combined,It may be higher,after all,Have an economic foundation,Everything is easy。and so,Peng Changyi is enough,After smashing the car,He meets Meng Ke less often,Even if I sometimes return to Kangzhou,I know that Meng Ke is in Kangzhou,He didn’t take the initiative to ask him,Even the meetings with Kou Jinghai and others have decreased,of course,Peng Changyi has never pointed Meng Ke positively。
These ones,Didn’t hide from Ronman’s eyes,She has been paying close attention to the contacts between Meng Ke and Peng Changyi,She knew that Peng Changyi smashed her car,Not because I drank too much,But for Meng Ke,But she must never break this relationship with Meng Ke,Sometimes Meng Ke wondered why Ronman didn’t catch Peng Changyi,Because Peng Changyi was single at the time,To this,Ronman smiled but didn’t answer。
She came this time,There are indeed considerations for the future husband,Although she and Meng Ke are only in a public relationship,But she has tasted as a leader“lady”Treatment,Not only do people from her company work smoothly in various government departments,The leaders of the functional departments that have made her trouble,Ran to her company twice in three days,Proactively provide services,Solicit her opinions on the work of this department,Even her mortal enemy nodded and bowed when she saw her、Respectful,I wish she spit on the ground, he dared to pick it up and eat it。This treatment,Ronman has never experienced it before,From the beginning, she was challenged by various functional departments to now the functional departments take the initiative to come to serve,One hundred and eighty degrees of treatment,Also made her feel empowered,Not only represents majesty,Also represents interest,To please Meng Ke,There are countless small section chiefs who want to be promoted through her relationship,Even Fang Li treats her with admiration,before,She paid for Fang Li,Fang Li is buying her presents,of course,To this old acquaintance,Ronman didn’t leave old grace,Fang Li was transferred to the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions as chairman——A unit that has no hard targets but is rich and rich。
of course,Ronman also cherishes his relationship with Meng Ke,Cherish the identity of the secretary of the Mengke Municipal Party Committee,Under normal circumstances,She rarely asks for Meng Ke,She knows that people in officialdom are in favor、The scorching state of control,Meng Ke is always on stage,Once you get to the stage,Then her days in Kangzhou may not be so mixed up,The well-known Ronman is still very clear about this。
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