The continuous punches and kicks inserted in the middle brought out an afterimage and the sound of air bursting。
After data analysis,Skynet Naruto can just avoid Naruto’s attack every time。
“If you have only these strengths,Then it’s my turn to fight back。”Use the impact of Naruto’s punch to extend the distance,Skynet Naruto looks at Naruto in front of him,Body current emerges,“Overload mode!”
It runs wildly through the system in its own body,Brings the improvement of all his attributes to Naruto Skynet,same,If you maintain this state for a long time,Then Skynet Naruto is likely to enter standby mode。
Skynet Naruto takes the initiative to rush to Naruto,Push both feet on Naruto’s abdomen at a slightly better speed,Knocked Naruto from the air to the ground,The resulting shock completely destroyed nearby buildings。
“Spiral pill!”
Skynet blogger raised his hands above his head,The huge blue ball is held by his hands,Then he threw it towards where Naruto fell。
A large circular hole appeared on the ground,Naruto in ragged clothes lies in the middle of the round hole,Look at the sky with eyes blankly,A ball of condensed stones floats in the air。
Transgender Sasuke and Mechanical Sasuke are being sealed inside。
“.I can’t fall down here。”
Naruto got up from the ground again,Eyes closed。
“I didn’t expect to be able to stand up.Forget it,Let’s end the battle quickly。”
Skynet Naruto used giant spiral pill again,Hit Naruto on the ground。
now,Naruto on the ground suddenly opened his eyes,Stretch out his right hand to drag the giant spiral pill of Skynet Naruto。
“Do you want to block my attack with just one hand?。”