Chapter 66 Why
at this time,Lin Sichen is standing here,Watching all this around。
This scale,Compared to Dorsett Building,Not bad at all。
So this,It makes Lin Sichen feel very angry as he thinks about it。
Now words,It’s time to do something。
and so,When Lin Sichen looked far away subconsciously,Ye Xuan walked out slowly。
“You can finally give it up,I thought,You will never come out again!”
When Lin Sichen looked in front of you,He looked over with a cold look。
but,Following Lin Sichen’s words,at this time,Ye Xuan was very casual。
“what happened,What you want to say,Is it just these??”
It’s here,As Ye Xuan subconsciously looked in front of him。
obviously,Such a thing,Actually, for Ye Xuan,Ye Xuan’s heart,Know naturally,What should I do now?。
But when Ye Xuan looked at these,This moment,In front of Ye Xuan,Those people around Lin Sichen,But they are talking。
“Ye Xuan,You bastard,Obviously the man from Dorsett Building,But digging the wall here。”
“Yes indeed,Why,All this is given to you by Emgrand Building,Surrender all this quickly。”
“That’s right,And now,If not,Then don’t blame us for being impolite。”
at this time,When those people around,I didn’t forget to say here。