The Pacers’ post-All-Star schedule is basically two extremes,First round76people,Warriors Game 2,Thunder,Cavaliers,The fifth game is again76people.
Take a look,ThisTMIt’s a parabola!
24number,Thunder away,defeat!
27number,Home game actually,defeat!
3month1number,Home game76People win!
Not unexpected,Pacers after the All-Star Game2Win3negative,Philadelphia won76people.
2End of month,After entering March,The atmosphere of the game became more and more tense。
Pacers currently26Win33A negative record is not good。
Larry·Bird personally,Had a strategy meeting with the coaching staff。
Bird still wants to make the playoffs,Especially when Xu Xuan performed so well。
And more importantly, pickled peppers have also been heard recently“good news!”
If pickled peppers can come back,Then the Pacers really have hope.
3month4number,Indianapolis,Banker Life Arena。
Pacers host the New York Knicks tonight。
The Knicks have been playing tricks recently,Melon basically never played after playing the All-Star Game,The appearance is also a paddling。
The old Zen master’s current target is Philadelphia76people,He wants to make sure to catch up with them before the end of the regular season。
MD,Let you win you can’t win,This makes it okay for you to lose, right??