But this is just less than half,Was interrupted。
“Li Gui,No need to speak,I know what you want to say?
You told me not to be nosy, right??
But she is my best friend,This nosy,I’m in charge。
I can’t let my girlfriend,With a takeaway。
such,Not only I will be laughed at by others,My girlfriend’s husband is delivering food,Will reduce my status。”
Turning to look at Lu Yingying after speaking,Continue:“listen to me,Divorce!With a messy takeaway,You won’t have good results。”
“Xiao Mu,I consider you my best friend、Best friend,But you are because I found a husband who delivered food,Will shame you。
You let me divorce,How can you do this?”
“What can i do?
I’m for your good。
Listen to my advice,Divorce。