For the cyborgs of Dashewan,Sasuke has never been able to treat it as a person。
“It’s so easy for your companion to abandon you。”
For the escape of Kagura and his party,Uchiha Itachi did not intercept,Instead, focus on the Oshemaru humanoid in front of you。
Not because of how much I pay attention to the strength of the moon,It’s because he can’t believe that Oshomaru will really help Konoha。
In the life of the ninja school,Itachi Uchiha clearly noticed that the relationship between Bo Ren and Miyue is good,If you kill Si Yue here,Then not only can you use hatred to force bloggers to stimulate your potential,It can also eliminate the potential dangers of the Dashewan arrangement。
Uchiha Itachi flashed behind Miyue,The kunai in the hand is inserted into the moon,But I was avoided by the snake substitute。
Miyue turned into a snake and escaped Uchiha’s attack and crawled on the ground,Then after some distance from Uchiha Itachi, it changed back to its original appearance。
It’s not because of how powerful Miyue noticed Uchiha’s attack in advance,But because he is always ready to use substitute。
Miyue knew very well when he decided to intercept Uchiha Itachi alone,I may not survive,So his purpose has always been to delay time,I can die late, not die early。
“Do you not resist but choose to delay time for your companions?。”
“Fire escape·Impatiens Fire。”
The flames spit out from Uchiha Itachi’s mouth and spread in all directions,Although because of the dispersion,Lead to insufficient power,But this also makes it very difficult for the enemy to avoid。
Uchiha Itachi did not put too much chakra in this ninjutsu,This trick is just to block the movement of Si Yue,The real ultimate move is behind。
“Shulker Snake Hand。”