Summary in the summer, sewing the eyes into a gap,Lazy scatter,“I said that what is you?,Not a star,These people on the plane,Is it not what is actor??
You are filming movies?
Hundreds of thousands of seats,Just sitting next to you,Brain is sick。”
I thought you were not curious.。”
Significant sound,“But I don’t tell you.。”
“Oh,I just asked casually.,Don’t care。”
Summer continues to close your eyes。
“You……”Significant sound is crazy,“Feed,My name is good。”
“Um,Miss your good deeds。”
“Your person is too bad.?”
Good sound is not satisfied,“What is your name??”
Summer open eyes,Conscientiously,“Miss Miss,We meet for the first time,Although there is a chance,But it is also no,Because I already have a wife.,And I never and I don’t know women one night.,Sorry,I let you down,And I am very sleepy now.,Want to sleep……We are not suitable,There is no future,You die this heart.,I am a hierarchy man。
I have seen many little fascia.,Advise you still don’t hit my idea,Otherwise you will regret it.。”
Small……Small cock?
Hit your mind?
Good sound,I haven’t heard the sophisticated language in the summer.,Another point of meaning implied,“You,you you……Me,Me……”She is a blind eye,狠 那 那 那 人 人,I can’t wait to scratch the two claws。
Toors can hate。
She wants to explode。
But she quickly stopped again.。
This guy is surnamed?
Summer family?
Significant sound face is cloudy。
First2228Chapter Scorpio bar
Time,The Rieyang is like a golden waterfall, and the airport is sprinkled in Sansha Airport.。
Aircraft takes off or landing,Rumbling,Busy airport work members everywhere。
Sansha City,Huaxia extremely special city。
The total area is the largest,But the land area is the smalle。