She turned her head to look at Bai Fei’s eyes suddenly changed,The expression is also very serious,It’s a little scary。
“I……I really don’t know!We usually touch auto parts,I have never encountered such a thing before!”
Bai Fei almost cried,He usually works with his father Bai Yongjia,It’s quite knowledgeable,But Shi Muluo’s hostility at this moment made him stand upright,There is a voice in my heart,remind him“You are going to be killed。”
“Not enough,There must be room for recovery,You kill him now,Our bodies are still not easy to handle。”
The two can be said to have a good heart,The speculation on this matter is surprisingly consistent,I even thought of it together in the way of handling。
Bai Fei really dare not speak anymore,Looking at the two people in front of you,A revolving lantern flashed before my eyes,To say that Shi Muluo hides a knife in a smile,Yu Zheke is very straightforward,The scariest thing is,He knows he has no ability to fight back,Only to be slaughtered。
The two fell silent for a while,What to do after thinking about it。
“I really didn’t want to hurt you!If you don’t believe it,I……”Bai Fei can’t stand the pressure anymore,Desired to throw that small part on the ground and crush it
“do not,Such a good thing,What a pity it broke。”Shi Mu Luo sensed his intention,Immediately grab the part and hold it in your hand,Thought for a few seconds,Then he dragged him over again,Stuffed the parts into the pocket of his jacket。。
“After all years of friendship,I must believe you,So give you a chance,Bai Yongjia,Take this thingLStay in the city for a few days,I come to the hotel,If you can come back alive in a few days,I won’t hold you accountable for carrying the tracker。”
Shi Mu Luo patted Bai Fei on the shoulder,Said to him with a smirk。
He is pardoned,Quickly agreed,Unfortunately the experience is still shallow,I can’t hear the meaning of Shi Mu Luo’s words at all。
“Do not worry,Nothing will happen,But now we can’t take you,I can only contact Bai Yongjia to pick you up and leave,good luck”