Flavor is also flashing in the eyes of thin men,Now wave,There are several big men to follow up with a step.。
After speaking, I shouted him.,“Remember,Gone,Don’t make a trouble。”
……Where is the end of one of the alleys?。
Surrounded by residents have moved away,The front end is placed under the operation of the bulldozer.,Constantly collapse。
In the courtyard,He family standing there,Construction personnel who look at the momentum,The face of a family is not very good.。
“Father,Can’t,We……”He Niu turned over,Looking at my old father,Lips moving。
Recently,He just came back and saw the construction member and family of the demolition team.,At this moment, there is also a rich wine.。
He father sighed,Looking at Hei,“Don’t worry about this,Right,I didn’t come back last night.?
Don’t go to work today??”
He as a nod,“Yesterday, I met my comrades.,Drink some wine together,Drunk。”
He father nodded,Touching a look at the house,Ama sigh again,“This house,Starting from your grandfather,Let’s live here.……”Still with a woman next to,It is a wife of Hei,“Father……It’s really not to move.,Now they stop our electricity and water,Stars also go to school……”Toned,Also,“Just start,We all in all the neighbors of the neighborhood,But the surname developer said it is to add money.,But those law enforcement personnel go,He wants to toss us……”Merely,He wife is a red,Secret。
He father sighed,Full of weak sense,“I don’t want to http://www.szht92.cn move,Not a rich money,But……”Flame!He Father’s voice is not falling,The wooden door of the yard suddenly sounded,Directly。
Then the big man rushed into more than a dozen powerful。
They walk while walking,Side anger,“Old,Today, give you the last day.,Call without moving,Do not move,Laozi dismantled your dog’s nest。
Sudden scene,Let He Nika。
“What do you want to do?!”
He Niu Dang stands out to drink。
“Boy,Are you awkward?。”
The thin man came in,“Less nonsense,Last all over,Move?”
“You,You……”He has a straightforward,“You,You are a strong house……Give me,Give me out。”
The thin man is smiling in the Chinese,“Old guy,It seems that you are toasting without eating a fine wine.,Handle,Give me!”
Under one’s order,More than a dozen big men all revealed,Holding wooden stick rushing back to http://www.qingshihuangfei.cn the house。
“What do you do?。”
He Niu loudly,Want to block。
However, one of the big men’s eyes,I didn’t hesitate to smash the wooden stick.。
Which bull pupil,Falling up。