East and West Shoulder Care DIY

Every time I go to the spa for a massage, the masseur has something to say about my shoulder.

For example, the muscles of the retina are not relaxed enough, are caused by long-term tension, or there are already granular objects on the shoulders, which is more characteristic of shoulder problems.

Every time the masseuse has said this, he always sums it up: people sitting in the office now have problems with the disease.

  This is why in the massage column, we attach great importance to massage that relieves sore shoulders.

This time, it brings you a new, simple and practical method. It is also a classic Thai physical therapy method, but because it requires essential oils, it is also mixed with the characteristics of European massage. So this time, let youEnjoy the combination of East and West on both shoulders.

  Liberation of your shoulders Although we don’t need a schoolbag on our shoulders as we did when we were young, our daily life encloses our shoulders with a heavier burden and makes it nervous.

  Don’t shrug your shoulders and adjust the height of your chair and table when sitting. When you type the keyboard, pay attention to whether your shoulders hang down naturally, or do you shrug a little nervously?

At the same time, don’t sit with your back bowed. Sitting at your desk will increase the burden on your shoulders.

  Be sure to relax on time. If you keep your shoulders in one position for more than 15 minutes, you will have stiff and nervous consequences.

In the long run, your shoulders are easily fatigued, and sometimes you can feel faint discomfort even if you don’t even do anything.

So no matter how busy you are, how lazy you are, and for whatever reason, when you work at your desk, exercise your shoulders every 15 minutes.

You can relax by shrugging.

There are three types of shrugging activities: 1.

Repeat with one shoulder high and one shoulder falling; 2.

Is both shoulders shaking up at the same time; 3.

It is the shoulders that move up and down around the neck.

  Relax 3 minutes before bedtime. Before going to bed at night, you can also do shrugging exercises again, or “shoulders”, that is, use the shoulders and elbows as the center, and draw the circle away from the dotted line.

Generally, people with bad shoulders are unhappy, so don’t force yourself, if you keep on, the speed will gradually increase.

  Don’t force too much while massaging. Whether you are going to the spa for massage or learning the massage technique on the left, pay attention to mastering the degree.

For a strained area, vigorousness is a kind of injury, which makes the muscles more tense rather than relaxed.

Therefore, if you have tension and strain on your shoulders, please remind the person who massages you during the massage, not to over-stress.