Outside the window is the scenery of late autumn,On the street under sunlight,Pieces of golden autumn leaves fell everywhere。
Du Xiaoyan stared at a few floating clouds in the distant sky,But my thoughts traveled to a long time ago……
She seemed to have seen the cold winter raging long ago,The little girl who was dying of cold curled up by the trash can;The childish little face is so dirty that it can’t be seen,But you can still see her beauty!Tears frozen into icy marks!And her snot became a piece;A tattered suit,Wrapped around her shivering body,If you don’t look carefully,I thought she was a big bag of garbage!
“What’s your name?”
Du Xiaoyan went to the bag“Rubbish”In front of,Crouched down and asked with a pleasant face。
That bag“Rubbish”I shook my frozen head。
“Are you a little girl?”
Du Xiaoyan asked again。
That bag“Rubbish”Nodded this time。
“Such a cold day,You will be frozen to death if you continue like this……I’ll take you home, OK??”
Du Xiaoyan asked with compassion,She really couldn’t bear to watch such a small girl being frozen to death on the street like this。
“Rubbish”Obviously scared,She curled up into the trash can hard,But it’s not really useful,The lonely big trash can does not give her shelter in any sense……
。Nine Heavens God Emperor