Chen Hantang felt his chin for a while,I think the prospects mentioned by my son seems pretty good,So nodded:“you are right,son,Now that you have your own ideas,Then do it。Besides, your mom has your dad……”
The voice has not fallen,Chen Xingyi heard her mother roar outside:“Chen Hantang!what are you doing?Xing Xing seriously studied why you went in and disturbed him?!I just went, you go again……”
“I’m coming,Have a chat with son,Is it wrong to improve parent-child relationship??”
Chen Hantang answered while walking out,Before leaving, he patted his son on the chest。
Chen Xingyi smiled and waved:“dad,You go。”
Then he turned his eyes back to the phone,The screen is off,He was still staring at the black screen in a daze。
Behind him rang his dad’s slightly flattering voice:“Wife, you have something to do with me?”
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Six true·The taxi should be respected for three days
“The experimental middle school was eliminated in the first round,And I lost so badly……Really cool!”
“My junior high school classmates are now in experimental middle school,I heard that their school team brags all the time,What did Jiaxiang say? Wang Guangwei is a vegetable……result,Hahaha!”